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Bell Library - Media Center Policies

General Policies

  • Food and drinks are not permitted in any library computer labs, viewing rooms, or multi-media presentation rooms.
  • A Student/Staff/Faculty ID, "SandDollar$ Card," is required to check out any Media Center materials or equipment. Only currently enrolled students with the university are allowed to use the lab facilities, e.g. LIC1,LIC2, Media Center Lab, and Laptops.
  • Patrons will not be allowed to borrow any media items if they have exceeded the allowances for overdue materials. All questions regarding overdue allowances and payment of fines are handled at the library's Circulation Desk.

217 D-J: Viewing Rooms

Rooms 217 D-J are equipped with playback equipment for viewing library media materials.

  • Viewing rooms are available in the library Media Center for use by Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi students, faculty, and staff, to view the library's non-print collection.
  • Viewing rooms are available on a walk-in basis only, the Media Center does not reserve rooms for use.
  • Media Center viewing rooms are limited to individuals and/or small groups that must use the equipment available in those rooms to access and view the Media Center materials. For individuals/groups seeking group study space, there are group study rooms available on the second floor of the library.
  • Media Center viewing rooms are not available as testing sites or for make-up exams except when the test requires the use of Media Center materials. Media Center staff are not responsible for proctoring exams or for collecting exam materials from students.

Computer Lab

The Media Center Computer Lab consists of Dell workstations, flatbed scanners, CD-ROM burners, DVD drives, one laser color printer, and two black & white laser printers.

  • Problems with student computer accounts must be reported to Computer Services (in Corpus Christi Hall, Room 202). Media Center staff does not have access to student computer accounts.
  • Students new to the unviersity are required to run the New User application to establish a student lab account. This account is required so students can access computer workstations and printers. "Guest Login" credentials are not available.
  • Computers in the Media Center lab are checked out individually to each patron. Students may only check out one computer workstation at a time. All lab users are required to use the computer assigned by the Media Center staff. If users are found at the incorrect workstations they will be required to move to their assigned computer.
  • The Media Center Lab and both Computer Lab Labs are NOT designated quiet areas. Group work is encouraged, however, excessive noise or disturbances will not be tolerated. Lab users may be asked to reduce the noise level, and/or leave the lab, if it becomes too disruptive.
  • Patrons requiring assistance with assistive technology and software (JAWS, Kurzweil) must call Disability Services at 825-5816.
  • Headphones are required when using any software that plays audio.

Media Circulation Policy

  • Faculty and staff are able to check out media items for up to a two-week period. Late items incur a fine of .50 per day. Faculty may renew media items one time either by phone or online. Renewals are not permitted if another patron has placed a request for the same item. Students may check out media materials for up to three hours for in-house use only. Late items incur a fine of .50 per hour.
  • Faculty may authorize a third party to check out media items on their behalf by submitting the Checkout Authorization form to the library Media Center.
  • Borrowed items will appear on the faculty member's record. The faculty member is responsible for all items borrowed and all fees or fines accrued due to late returns, damages, or losses.
  • Only individuals identified by faculty on the Checkout Authroization Form (on file) will be able to borrow media items on behalf of that faculty member.
  • Faculty allowing others to checkout materials on their behalf must submit a new Checkout Authorization Form each semester.

Media Reserve Items

Faculty may place media materials, and personal materials, on reserve to be made available for their students to view during regular Media Center hours. All media reserve items will be cleared at the end of each semester, materials belonging to the library will be returned to the media collection and faculty's personal items will be returned to them.

  • All Media Reserve items are available to students for a three-hour checkout period. These items must be viewed in the Media Center. Late reserve items incur a fine of $3.00 per hour.
  • Faculty may borrow items they have placed on reserve for their class for a one-day check out period. Faculty wishing to checkout reserve items must do so in person.
  • If a faculty member requests an item that has been placed on reserve by another faculty member, he or she may borrow that item for a one-day check out period. Late reserve items incur a fine of $3.00 per day.
  • All patrons requesting to view reserve items must present a valid Sanddollar ID.

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