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Mary and Jeff Bell Library
Internet Use/Electronic Access Policy
For Government Information

Accessing computers in the Library's Public Services area

All of the PCs have a Novell login screen, which requires a user identification and password (both are assigned by University Computer Services). However, when patrons who are not affiliated with the University would like to use a PC, a staff member at the Reference Desk will log them in with a guest ID and password. All patrons may search the Internet, including all government sites and agencies. Patrons are not required to present identification to use the Internet.

Accessing the Federal Depository Library Program's Electronic Collection

The Library provides free access for all patrons (on-campus and remotely) to GPO Access, which provides links for the majority of the Electronic Collection. In addition, the Library selects electronic products (DVDs and CD-ROMs) through FDLP. If patrons need to use an electronic product that requires specialized software, they should ask for assistance at the Reference Desk, or they can contact the Government Documents Coordinator at or (361) 825-5702. If software cannot be loaded immediately onto a PC, the Government Documents Coordinator will schedule an appointment with the patron to access that information within one week of the request.

Also, as part of the responsibilities of being a federal depository (in addition to the service mission of the Library), patrons will receive assistance in searching the government databases. The Government Documents Coordinator will assist patrons with databases that require passwords.

Time Limits to Use PCs

Generally, there are no time limits to use the PCs. However, during busy times (when every PC is being used), library patrons will need to limit their sessions to one hour.

Circulation of Electronic Products

Patrons may check out Government Documents CD-ROMS or DVDs only if they have permission from the Government Documents Coordinator. Facilities are also provided for viewing VHS, DVD and CD-ROM products.

Charging for printing

Effective August 2004, the University began charging for printing. Please contact the reference desk at 825-2609 for specific rates. The Library does not charge patrons for downloading documents.

Downloading documents

Patrons may download files onto a CD-ROM, USB "Flash" Drive or DVD. Both types of drives are available on all PCs.

Using email on the PCs

The email functions ("mailto: " links) on the Public Services PCs have been disabled for security reasons. However, patrons may still use web-based email to send (and receive) email messages.

Using filtering software

The Bell Library does not use filtering software on any PC in the Public Services area.

Note: As a federal depository, the Bell Library follows the "Recommended Specifications for Public Access Workstations in Federal Depository Libraries".

Disclaimer: As a member of the Texas A&M University System, the TAMU-CC campus follows the A&M System's "Rules for Responsible Computing". Please ask at the Reference Desk if you have any questions.

Please send comments or suggestions about this page to Zachary Allred at Government Documents Coordinator.

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