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Access Services

Robert Rios
Library Coordinator II
Amie Cuvelier
Library Associate II
Iliana Salinas
Library Associate I
Brenton Day
Library Associate II


Dr. Catherine Rudowsky
Library Director
Dr. Christine Shupala
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Risha Dulip
Business Coordinator
Valerie Alvarez
Accounting Assistant III

Collection Management/Acquisitions

Edward Kownslar
Associate Director for Collection Development/Reference Services
Michele Hall
Library Information Specialist
Diana Gaona
Library Associate II

Continuing Resources & Discovery Services

Derrik Hiatt
Serials/Electronic Resources Librarian
Virginia Hopkins
Library Information Specialist
Rachel Ransom
Library Associate I
Joe Hernandez
Library Associate I

Driscoll Children's Hospital

Dr. Paula Scott
Hospital Librarian
Cindy Munoz
Library Information Specialist

Library Technology Services

Abel Cantu
Information Technology Manager
Irvan Hendrik
Systems Support Specialist II
Laura Martinez
Cataloging Services Coordinator
Bob Brown
Systems Support Specialist I
Sylvia Sanchez
Library Information Specialist
Patricia Hernandez
Library Associate II
Amanda Horne
Library Associate II
Cynthia English
Library Associate II

Marketing/User Engagement

Jennifer Anderson
Marketing & Communication Librarian
Jeff Janko
Library Information Specialist

Research and Instruction

Lisa Louis
Coordinator of Reference and Information Literacy
Denise Landry-Hyde
Reference Coordinator
Nicole Cubillas
Reference/Government Documents Librarian
Hector Galvan
Graduate Assistant
Sarah Kress
Graduate Assistant

Special Collections & Archives

Ann Hodges
Librarian and University Archivist
Grace Charles
Library Information Specialist
Audrey Garza
Library Associate I
Stacey Nash
Library Information Specialist

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