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Magnenats on Shoreline
Frederic Magnenat and Ida Daimwood Magnenat on the Corpus Christi shoreline,
ca. 1905.

Meuly-Daimwood Family Papers

The Meuly-Daimwood Family Papers contain an extensive number of documents, photographs, and books related to the daily lives of several prominent, related families in Corpus Christi, Texas, and its surrounding area during the 19th and 20th centuries. These family names include Meuly, Daimwood, Magnenat, Blucher, Humphreys, Rahn, and Creglow. As such, the collection reveals much about the growth of Corpus Christi from its earliest days as a frontier community through the boom times of the modern era.

The documents begin with Corpus Christi settler and merchant Conrad Meuly (1812-1865) and carry forward with his in-laws and descendants. They contain early correspondence of German residents of Corpus Christi, land deeds, legal documents, personal and professional papers, as well as tax records. The papers reveal the families' involvement in the local community through items such as invitations, church function pamphlets, tax and estate records, Blucher survey maps, pamphlets from both world wars, certificates from the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, depression era correspondence, voluminous newspaper clippings, issues of local newspapers, items dealing with Hurricane Celia in 1970, and artifacts.

Of special note, the Meuly-Daimwood Family Papers illustrate the area's wild and diverse nature. Documents in this collection dealing with Indian raids, Texas Rangers, the Santa Fe expedition, and local legends of buried treasure demonstrate the particular flavor of this part of the Texas Coastal Bend in the late 1800s.

The Meuly-Daimwood Papers likewise contain over 2500 photographs and negatives, some of which date from early Texas photographers Louis de Planque and Fred W. Bartlett.

The complete Meuly-Daimwood Family Papers comprise approximately twelve linear feet of documents and artifacts as well as nine oversized boxes of early newspapers. The inventory below lists Boxes 1-19, which contain the paper, textual documents and printed items as well as artifacts. The photographs and oversized newspaper boxes are currently being processed and will be added upon completion.

The Meuly-Daimwood Family Papers were generously donated by Robert S. Creglow, a family descendant in 1997. Jo Creglow greatly facilitated this donation.

The Meuly-Daimwood Papers were initially arranged and identified by Jo Creglow. Michael D. McDaniels completed the archival processing, folder labeling, and inventory of the documents in 2009.

Box and Folder Inventory:

Box 1

    Folder 1.0 Xerox copies of translations of German letters within Box 1.
    Folder 1.1 Correspondence in German regarding D.H. Klainer ca 1800s. 2 documents
    Folder 1.2 Correspondence in German between Conrad Meuly and C.B. Bech'er. Includes a letter from Mier, Mexico. 1849, 1851, 1859. 4 documents
    Folder 1.3 Correspondence in German written by Conrad Meuly regarding merchandise orders. 1851. 3 documents
    Folder 1.4 Correspondence in German between F. Brichta and Conrad Meuly. 28 May 1851, 23 July 1853. 2 documents
    Folder 1.5 Correspondence in German with Conrad Meuly and between Mathe Meuly and John[?] May 1858, May 18, ca 1800s. 3 documents
    Folder 1.6 Correspondence in German with Anton Meuly and between Conrad Meuly and John Jacob Meuly. 1820, 1859, 1860, 1865. 4 documents
    Folder 1.7 Correspondence in German with Conrad Meuly. 1865. 1 document
    Folder 1.8 Correspondence in German mostly addressed to Frau or Mrs. Meuly. 1870, 1880, 1881, 1882, 1890. 5 documents
    Folder 1.9 Correspondence in German with H. Meuly, between Adelina Meuly and T Buedi[?], and between Tanta[?] Meuly and Mateo Meuly. 1890, 1880, 1887, 1888. 4 documents
    Folder 1.10 Correspondence in German between "Frau" Meuly and Nicholas Ladner[?] 1880. 1 document
    Folder 1.11 Correspondence in German between Anton Meuly and Frau Meuly. 1888. 2 documents
    Folder 1.12 Correspondence of Frederic Helmuller. ca 1800s. 1 document
    Folder 1.13 Correspondence of Frederic Helmuller. ca 1845, 1846, 1848. 3 documents
    Folder 1.14 Correspondence of Frederic Helmuller. 1845-1849. 3 documents
    Folder 1.15 Correspondence of Frederic Helmuller. 1849-1852. 3 documents [2 documents in German]
    Folder 1.16 Correspondence of Frederic Helmuller. 1852-1853. 4 documents [2 documents in German]
    Folder 1.17 Correspondence of Frederic Helmuller. 1853-1854. 4 documents
    Folder 1.18 Correspondence of Frederic Helmuller. 1856, 1871, 1872, 1877. 6 documents
    Folder 1.19 Correspondence of John Koepff. 1848, 1849. 4 documents
    Folder 1.20 Correspondence of John Koepff. 1848, 1856, 1872, 1881. 4 documents
    Folder 1.21 Correspondence of John Koepff. 1849. 2 documents
    Folder 1.22 Correspondence of John Koepff. 1849. 3 documents
    Folder 1.23 Correspondence of John Koepff 1853. 1 document
    Folder 1.24 Correspondence of John Koepff 1856. 4 documents
    Folder 1.25 Correspondence of John Koepff 1872, 1873. 5 documents
    Folder 1.26 Correspondence of John Koepff 1877, 1880, 1881, 1882, 1883. 7 documents
    Folder 1.27 Correspondence of D. H. Klainer 1845- 1849. 1 document sealed together but contains 4 distinct items [one being a letter in German to Conrad Meuly from D. H. Klainer]
    Folder 1.28 Correspondence of D. H. Klainer 1847-1857. 3 documents
    Folder 1.29 Correspondence of D. H. Klainer 1848, 1860. 2 documents (one being a letter in German to Conrad Meuly from D. H. Klainer)
    Folder 1.30 Kerr Co., land in. David Wilmon original grantee. 1879, 1888-1905. 27 documents
    Folder 1.31 Kerr Co., land in. W. P. Carter survey. 1882. One 3 page documents and 2 envelopes
    Folder 1.32 Nueces Co., land in. John Onery Patent (copy). 1856. 1 document including 1 Xerox
    Folder 1.33 San Patricio Co., land in. Undated list, 1853, 1855. 3 documents
    Folder 1.34 San Patricio Co., land in. 1857. 3 documents
    Folder 1.35 San Patricio Co., land in. 1881, 1882. 3 documents plus 1 Xerox
    Folder 1.36 San Patricio Co., land in. 1881, 1882. 3 documents
    Folder 1.37 San Patricio Co., land in. 1852, 1857, 1869, 1875, 1877. 7 documents

Box 2

    Folder 2.1 Personal papers of P. W. Humphreys. 5 August 1850. 1 document
    Folder 2.2 Personal papers of P. W. Humphreys. 6 March 1851, 20 Sept. 1852, 10 January 1889. 3 multipage documents and 1 envelope
    Folder 2.3 Personal papers of P. W. Humphreys. 10 October 1850. 1 document
    Folder 2.4 Personal papers of P. W. Humphreys. 20 December 1854, 20 February 1907. 3 documents
    Folder 2.5 Personal papers of P. W. Humphreys. 26 September 1887, 23 November 1889. 2 documents with 1 envelope
    Folder 2.6 Personal papers of P. W. Humphreys. 21 January 1895, 15 June 1901, 11 December 1903. 3 documents
    Folder 2.7 Personal papers of P. W. Humphreys. 1914. 1 document
    Folder 2.8 Personal papers of P. W. Humphreys. 13 June 1922, 1 November 1924. 3 documents with 1 envelope
    Folder 2.9 Personal papers of P. W. Humphreys. March 1925. 1 document
    Folder 2.10 Personal papers of P. W. Humphreys. 5 April 1926. 7 documents
    Folder 2.11 Personal papers of P. W. Humphreys. n.d. 4 February 1926, 17 April 1926. 3 documents
    Folder 2.12 Puentecitas land grant papers. 1809, 1848. 1 bound land grant document in Spanish with its survey
    Folder 2.13 Puentecitas land grant papers. 19 May 1857. One document (bound with thread tied spine of 4 pages)
    Folder 2.14 Puentecitas land grant papers. 4 November 1857. 1 document in Spanish
    Folder 2.15 Puentecitas land grant papers. 29 November 1857, 12 March 1858. 3 documents (2 are multi page)
    Folder 2.16 Puentecitas land grant papers. 10 December 1859. One document
    Folder 2.17 Puentecitas land grant papers. 12 June 1885, 17 June 1885. 3 documents
    Folder 2.18 Puentecitas land grant papers. 8 April 1885, 28 April 1885. 2 documents
    Folder 2.19 Puentecitas land grant papers. 1 November 1886. 1 document
    Folder 2.20 Puentecitas land grant papers. 16 July 1885. 1 document
    Folder 2.21 Puentecitas land grant papers. 10 June 1893, 20 February 1895. 2 multi page documents
    Folder 2.22 Puentecitas land grant papers. 23 October 1912. 1 document
    Folder 2.23 Survey Map of land along Nueces Bay. n.d. 1 document
    Folder 2.24 Survey Map titled "La Anima Sola" and includes the name of Antonio Ramirez. n.d. 1 document
    Folder 2.25 Survey Map of land at confluence of Chiltipin Creek and San Diego Creek including land owned by Rafael Garcia Salinas, Jose Maria Garcia F., Julian Flores, and Ventura Flores. n.d. 1 document
    Folder 2.26 Padre Balli land from Alejo Perez to Conrad Meuly. 3 July 1855. 1 document
    Folder 2.27 Padre Balli land bill of sale from Trinidad Flores to Conrad Meuly. 3 March 1857. 1 document
    Folder 2.28 Padre Balli land document including rights and privileges regarding Johnson and Alejo Perez. 15 October 1860. 1 document
    Folder 2.29 Padre Balli land transaction regarding a public auction of Jose Alejo Perez and wife Trinidad Flores y Perez. 7 December 1859. 1 document
    Folder 2.30 Padre Balli land lawsuit documents for reclamation of land and a title purchased by Conrad Meuly. February 1899, February 1901, July 1902. 5 documents
    Folder 2.31 Padre Balli letters from C.A. Meuly and a Xerox of taxes paid to Kingsville. 1917, 1924. 3 documents

Box 3

    Folder 3.1 Doddridge and Davis banking checks. 3 July 1882 - 22 April 1884. 6 documents
    Folder 3.2 Doddridge and Davis banking checks. n.d., 26 May 1884 - 29 August 1885. 11 documents
    Folder 3.3 Promise note and check payment from Margaret Meuly to Marcela Cardonas. 18 January 1888 - 20 September 1889. 2 documents
    Folder 3.4 Corpus Christi National Bank papers. ca 1900 - 1917. 3 documents
    Folder 3.5 City of Corpus Christi Special Assessment papers, with 1 envelope registered to Miss Margaret. Also contains a published list of lot owners. 10 June 1914 - 1 September 1915. 3 Documents
    Folder 3.6 City of Corpus Christi Special Assessment papers regarding 11 different property lots. Also contains legal documents and related receipts for street improvements. 1913 - 1916. 26 documents
    Folder 3.7 Medical recipes for pharmaceuticals written in both German and Spanish. ca 1860 - 1890. 4 documents
    Folder 3.8 Medical recipes for pharmaceuticals including a recipe for mustang wine along with dosages. ca 1860-1890. 5 documents
    Folder 3.9 Medical recipes and directions. ca 1860-1890. 9 documents
    Folder 3.10 Margaret Rahn Meuly estate papers, including checks and promise notes. April 1913 - 15 June 1914. 5 documents
    Folder 3.11 Margaret Rahn Meuly banking deposits. nd, 20 February 1912 - 8 May 1914. 5 documents
    Folder 3.12 Margaret Rahn Meuly estate document used for interest calculations on 2 promise notes. 28 August 1917. 1 document
    Folder 3.13 Margaret Rahn Meuly estate papers. Children of Ursula Meuly Daimwood receive money from estate of Margaret Rahn Meuly. 6 March 1914. 9 documents
    Folder 3.14 Margaret Rahn Meuly estate documents. Children of Conrad and Margaret Rahn Meuly receive money from estate of Margaret Rahn Meuly. 6 March 1914. 6 documents
    Folder 3.15 Social invitation to Amelia Meuly from Arthur Spohn. ca 1870-1880. 2 documents
    Folder 3.16 Social invitations to Amelia Meuly. ca 1874. 5 documents
    Folder 3.17 Ceremony announcement regarding G. W. Westervelt and Ida F. De Roee. 15 December 1875. 4 documents
    Folder 3.18 Ceremony announcement regarding Miss Maggie Teblinger and Otto Dreyer. 19 November 1877. 2 documents
    Folder 3.19 Newspaper play bill for Fay Templeton at MarketHall. 20 December 1877 1 document
    Folder 3.20 Ceremony announcement for Miss Mary Jane Bernard and Mr. [Horace Ruie.] 20 August 1879. 4 documents
    Folder 3.21 Meuly family social invitations to various "Balls." 1879-1899. 7 documents
    Folder 3.22 Meuly family invitations and announcements for social events. nd, 1877, 1881. 6 documents
    Folder 3.23 Wedding invitations regarding L. L. Wright and Laura Savage, Silas A. Gunst and Hattie Hirsch, and Rev. J. R. Howerton and Mary Fullerton. 1 February 1881, 27 October 1886, 25 November 1886. 5 documents
    Folder 3.24 Calling cards bearing the names of C. A. Meuly and W. S. Rankin. 1885. 2 documents
    Folder 3.25 Printed program for Dr. Brooks Female Seminary, Corpus Christi. 30 May 1890. 1 document
    Folder 3.26 Commencement programs for classes of 1894 and 1897. 1894, 28 May 1897. 2 documents
    Folder 3.27 Death notices for Ursula Meuly Daimwood and W. H. Daimwood. 14 May 1895, 4 August 1902. 2 documents
    Folder 3.28 High school commencement as well as a copy of letter on C. C. Public School letterhead signed C. W. Crossley. 1898, 23 May 1898. 2 documents
    Folder 3.29 High school commencement. 30 May 1900. 3 documents
    Folder 3.30 Richard A. von Blucher name card the 1911 graduating class announcement with 21 graduates listed. 25 May 1911. 4 documents
    Folder 3.31 Margaret Meuly's deposits with City National Bank in Corpus Christi, Texas. 1914, 1916 -1919. 9 documents
    Folder 3.32 Margaret Meuly's deposits with City National Bank in Corpus Christi, Texas. 1916 - 1919. 6 documents
    Folder 3.33 Margaret and Amelia A. Meuly promise notes. 27 May 1904, 26 November 1904. 2 documents
    Folder 3.34 Margaret and Amelia A. Meuly bank statements and checks. January - February 1913, August - September 1916. 17 documents/items
    Folder 3.35 Margaret and Amelia A. Meuly bank statements and checks. January - March 1915, June 1916 - January 1917. 41 documents/items total
    Folder 3.36 Margaret and Amelia A Meuly City National Bank deposit slips including records of rental income on 6 properties Misses Margaret and Amelia A. Meuly. July-December 1918.
    Folder 3.37 Margaret and Amelia A Meuly City National Bank deposit slips including records of rental income on 7 properties. January - April 1919. 16 items\documents
    Folder 3.38 Margaret and Amelia A. Meuly record banking transactions regarding taxes paid on land on Padre Island. 30 January 1918, and February - March 1926. 2 documents
    Folder 3.39 Estate correspondence for Miss Margaret Meuly and Miss Amelia A Meuly regarding inventories on two estates by executor W.H. Daimwood Jr. 25 March 1941, 30 December 1941. 2 documents
    Folder 3.40 Estate correspondence for Miss Margaret Meuly and Miss Amelia A Meuly. 17 December 19424 document pages
    Folder 3.41 Estate correspondence for Margaret and Amelia A. Meuly. 30 December 1943. 3 documents
    Folder 3.42 Estate correspondence for Margaret and Amelia A. Meuly. 31 January 1944, 3 February 1944 and 27 December 1944. 3 multi page documents
    Folder 3.43 Estate correspondence for Margaret and Amelia A. Meuly. 29 December 1945, 30 December 1945. 2 multi page documents
    Folder 3.44 Estate correspondence for Margaret and Amelia A. Meuly regarding the sale of the "old home" at 210 N. Chaparral. 11 March 1946. 2 multi page documents
    Folder 3.45 Estate correspondence for Amelia A Meuly regarding valuation on 11 jointly owned city lots as well as rental increases on physical buildings. 3 February 1947, 25 April 1947. 2 documents
    Folder 3.46 Estate correspondence for Amelia A Meuly. 7 January 1948. 2 documents
    Folder 3.47 Didear Rest Home postcard from Yorktown, Texas. ca early 1900s. 1document

Box 4

    Folder 4.1 Envelopes and loose paper storage containers for tax receipts. 1901-1933. 15 documents
    Folder 4.2 "Tax and Austin Fee." 20 May 1952. 1 document
    Folder 4.3 U. S. Internal Revenue and Convention taxes for tax year 1868 of Mrs. Margaret Meuly. 24 November 1868, 6 March 1869. 2 documents
    Folder 4.4 State of Texas Certificates of Redemption and receipt for delinquent years 1920 & 1932. 3 documents and one storage envelope
    Folder 4.5 Taxes for the State of Texas and Grimes County for 812 acres. Tax year 1895. 1 document
    Folder 4.6 Taxes for the State of Texas and La Salle County for 480 acres. Tax years 1887-1905. 21 documents
    Folder 4.7 Taxes for the State of Texas and Montgomery County for 1112 acres and 364 acres. Tax year 1849. 2 documents
    Folder 4.8 Taxes for the State of Texas, the city of Corpus Christi, and Nueces County with invoice tax for 1853- 1859. 6 documents plus 2 enlarged Xeroxes
    Folder 4.9 Taxes paid by Conrad Meuly for the State of Texas and Nueces County for tax years 1860 - 1862 and 8 September 1863. 3 documents
    Folder 4.10 Taxes for the State of Texas, including Grimes, Hardin, Kerr, Montgomery, Nueces and San Patricio Counties for tax year 1868. Reflects 13, 878 acres with improvements, cattle, horses, sheep and 13 town lots. 20 July 1868. 6 documents + 6 Xeroxes
    Folder 4.11 Taxes for the State of Texas and Nueces County for tax years 1869 and 1870. September 6, 1869, 22 December 1869, and 17 January 1870. 2 documents
    Folder 4.12 Taxes for the State of Texas, including Nueces, Live Oak, Hardin, Montgomery, and San Patricio Counties for tax year 1870. Each dated either October 5 or October 10, 1870. 11 total documents
    Folder 4.13 Taxes for the State of Texas including Bexar, Duval and Nueces Counties for tax years 1870 - 1877. Reflects over 20,000 acres, 14 town lots, 15 horses, 1000 head cattle, and $4150 in personal property on tax receipts. 13 documents
    Folder 4.14 Taxes for the State of Texas and Nueces County for tax years 1878-1880; 1882-1883; 1885-1887. Over 20,000 acres, 15 town lots, 25 horses/mules, 16oo head cattle, two vehicles, and $400 misc. recorded on receipts. 8 documents
    Folder 4.15 Taxes for the State of Texas and Nueces County for tax years 1888-1894. Over 20,000 acres, 16 town lots, 25 horses, 2241 cattle and $2000 misc. recorded. 16 documents
    Folder 4.16 Taxes for the State of Texas and Nueces County for tax years 1895-1900. Over 5000 acres, 16 town lots, 25 horses, 2241 cattle, and $2000 misc. recorded. 38 documents
    Folder 4.17 Taxes for the State of Texas and Nueces County for tax year 1901. Over 700 acres and 17 town lots recorded. 1 document and 1 envelope
    Folder 4.18 Taxes for the State of Texas and Nueces County for tax years 1901-1905. Over 700 acres and 17 town lots recorded. 25 documents
    Folder 4.19 Taxes for the State of Texas and Nueces County for tax years 1906-1910. Over 700 acres and 18 town lots included. 24 documents
    Folder 4.20 Taxes for the State of Texas and Nueces County for tax years 1911, 1912, 1914, 1916, 1917, 1925 - 1931, and 1933. About 9 town lots recorded on tax rolls. 18 documents
    Folder 4.21 Taxes for the State of Texas and Starr County for tax years 1901 and 1902. Taxes paid on 45 horses/mules, 600 cattle, personal property and $100 improvements. 2 documents
    Folder 4.22 Taxes for the State of Texas and Zapata County for tax years 1904-1906. Taxes paid on up to $5200 in assessed value for unidentified property. 3 documents
    Folder 4.23 Taxes for the city of Corpus Christi for tax years 1866, 1870, 1871-1878. Including 15 town lots, 150-240 acres inside corporate limits, and merchandise. 10 documents
    Folder 4.24 Taxes for the city of Corpus Christi for tax years 1879-1900. Taxes were paid on up to 12 town lots, 150 acres inside corporate limits, and furniture and piano. Three receipts in 1891 are marked "paid under protest." 1896 tax year receipts are marked in red ink "water tax paid under protest." 50 documents
    Folder 4.25 Taxes for the city of Corpus Christi taxes paid on town lots, acreage inside corporate limits, and personal property for tax years 1901 - 1912, 1915 - 1917, 1924 - 1931, 1933, and 1954. 68 documents
    Folder 4.26 Taxes for the Corpus Christi Independent School District and the Corpus Christi Junior College for tax years 1909, 1911, 1912, 1914 - 1917, 1919, 1924 - 1931, and 1954 included Corpus Christi Junior College District. 41 documents
    Folder 4.27 Taxes for the Corpus Christi Independent School District for Tax year 1932. A delinquent Tax Receipt for lot 9, block 2. 1 document
    Folder 4.28 Taxes for the State of Texas, Nueces County and the city of Corpus Christi City along with relevant legal correspondence for lots 6 and 7 Block 3 during tax years 1876, 1878, and 1897. 4 documents.
    Folder 4.29 Math notations written by Charles A Meuly for figuring taxes. ca 1900-1912. 4 documents
    Folder 4.30 Taxes for the County of Zapata for tax year 1907. Letter addressed to C.A. Meuly from Antonio M. Cuellar, the sheriff and tax collector. January 24, 1907. 1 document
    Folder 4.31 Math notations written by Charles A Meuly for figuring taxes. 1911. 4 documents
    Folder 4.32 Correspondence regarding C.A. Meuly's sister's taxes for the 1911 tax year. 24 October 1912. 3 documents
    Folder 4.33 Xeroxes of documents detailing tax issues regarding land in Kingsville, Texas. (Original filed under topic of Margaret and Amelia Meuly and dated 30 January 1918) 2 documents
    Folder 4.34 Correspondence regarding a discussion of delinquent taxes on lots 1, 2, and 3 of Block 24 in Nueces Town, Texas owned by Conrad Meuly estate. 20 October 1926. 6 documents
    Folder 4.35 Taxes for the State of Texas, Nueces County, the city of Corpus Christi, and Corpus Christi Independent School District Taxes for tax year 1945. 18 documents
    Folder 4.36 Taxes for the State of Texas, Nueces County, the city of Corpus Christi, and Corpus Christi Independent School District Taxes for tax year 1946. Pertains to several beach lots in estate of Amelia A Meuly. 13 documents
    Folder 4.37 Taxes for the State of Texas and Nueces County on 9 lots regarding property valuations due to change form joint ownership to single ownership. 13 August 1946 - 18 November 1946. 7 documents
    Folder 4.38 Taxes for the State of Texas, Nueces County, the city of Corpus Christi, and Corpus Christi Independent School District for tax year 1947. 8 documents

Box 5

    Folder 5.1 Tracks one league of land granted to H. Guild through series of land transactions by date. 19 April 1834. 1 document and 1 enlarged Xerox for legibility.
    Folder 5.2 Town lots in Washington County in name of Meuly family. 15 December 1836. 1 document
    Folder 5.3 List of goods Conrad Meuly lost on Santa Fe Expedition under General McLeod. 1841. 1 document
    Folder 5.4 "All men enlisted by Capt Bell at Corpus Christi." 10 September - 10 December 1845. 1 document
    Folder 5.5 Correspondence in German from Corpus Christi, Texas, with 2 Xeroxes to aid in reading. July 1845. 3 documents
    Folder 5.6 Marriage transcript for Conrad Meuly and Margaret Rahn from New Orleans. 19 June 1847. 1 document
    Folder 5.7 Notarized copy of earlier dated deed and a notarized copy of a "title bond," from Washington Town. 1850. 3 documents
    Folder 5.8 Indenture dated 25 December 1850, from Corpus Christi, Texas. 1 folded document with Xeroxes pages
    Folder 5.9 Deed of conveyance to Conrad Meuly and correspondence on 160 acres. 1851, 1894, and 1926. 11 total documents with Xeroxes
    Folder 5.10 Deed of Conveyance for 100 acres to George Resley. 27 February 1852. 1 document
    Folder 5.11 Court Mortgages for Lot 5 and 6 Block 3 on Broadway, regarding James M. Hughes guardian Fitzgerald Children vs. Conrad Meuly and Jerome Nolte. 13 August 1855. 2 multi page documents
    Folder 5.12 Citation regarding Jacob Ziegler VS Conrad Meuly. 19 April 1855. 1 document
    Folder 5.13 Documents regarding registration of brands for Conrad Meuly, as well as a bill of sale. 1858, 1875, and 1895. 3 documents
    Folder 5.14 Final discharge of Conrad Meuly from the administration of W. H. Harrison's estate." 1 June 1859. 1 document
    Folder 5.15 Final discharge of Conrad Meuly from the administration of John W. Hann estate." 1 June 1859. 1 document
    Folder 5.16 Accounts listing for Manuel Ramirez, with some German writing. 7 November 1859. 3 documents with Xerox
    Folder 5.17 Letters from Charles Lovenskold to Conrad Meuly. February 1860. 2 documents
    Folder 5.18 Sheriff's Sale. 13 April 1861. 1 document
    Folder 5.19 Appraisers appointed to inventory estate of Conrad Meuly. 27 December 1865, 2 July 1883. 2 documents
    Folder 5.20 Estate of Conrad Meuly, appraisal and inventory. nd, 14 March 1866. 2 documents
    Folder 5.21 Receipt signed Manuel Ramirez Elizondo. 24 July 1866. 1 document
    Folder 5.22 Letter signed Joel Terrell of Anderson Grimes Co. to Mrs. Margaret Meuly regarding land with taxes due in Anderson Grimes County. 26 June 1869. 1 document
    Folder 5.23 Litigation over $694.62 debt between Thomas Kearney and Margaret Meuly. 2 May 1871, and 6 August 1872. 2 documents
    Folder 5.24 Check drawn in gold dollars. 28 February 1873. 1 document
    Folder 5.25 Letter with an envelope addressed to Amelia Meuly from Mrs. (Susie) Laura Parker of Los Alamos. 1 March 1873. 2 documents including Xeroxes
    Folder 5.26 Attorneys Lovenskold and McCampbell bills for services. 1869, 16 March 1874. 2 documents
    Folder 5.27 Deed for lots 6 & 7 block 3 on the bluff, which were sold by Margaret Meuly to her son Herman Meuly. 19 August 1875. 1 document
    Folder 5.28 Deed, lawsuit, and a letter regarding a controversy over 480 acres patented by John Onery and sold by Margaret Meuly to George Reynolds. 1876, 1878, and 1879. 4 documents
    Folder 5.29 Promissory note for $500 due to Mr. J. S. Elliff from Margaret Meuly. 20 July 1877. 1 document
    Folder 5.30 Ledger sheet regarding Mrs. M Meuly. 1 November 1879. 1 document
    Folder 5.31 Letter addressed "Mother" from son "Charlie" discussing sale of "beeves� with Mr. Mathis near Banquette as well as planting a vegetable garden." 27 January 1880, Palo Alto, Texas. 1 document with Xerox
    Folder 5.32 Letters discussing land titles addressed "Dear Mother," from Alexander Humboldt Meuly. 18 March 1881, Oakville, Texas. 2 documents
    Folder 5.33 Information on John Rahm regarding a head right of 320 acres and other land, and (how) �"John Rahm [was] shot and killed by C. C. [Mintz] in New Braunfels." 18 January 1883. 5 documents
    Folder 5.34 Bill of Sale between Mary E. von Blucher, C. F. H. von Blucher and Herman, Charles, and Alex H. Meuly for 116 head cattle with brand C. M. 7 July 1883. 1 document
    Folder 5.35 Letter discussing deeds and land in McMullen Co. involving Mrs. [Margaret] Meuly, W. von Rosenberg, Norman G. Collins. 21 July 1883. 1 document
    Folder 5.36 Receipt for cattle transaction for $2500 dollars between Meuly family members. 17 December 1881. 1 document
    Folder 5.37 Decorated Christmas card from Charles Meuly. Christmas 1886. 1 document.
    Folder 5.38 Promise note signed A. H. Meuly and Herman Meuly. 18 January 1887, San Diego, Texas. 1 document
    Folder 5.39 Hand Drawing by Ida Daimwood Magnenat and interview conducted by the Museum of Science and Technology. Date refers to the time frame covered in the interview and drawings not date of the interview. ca 1890-1903. 6 documents
    Folder 5.40 Letter and receipt regarding Meuly deed to 1108 acres of A. Ellis league in Hardin Co. 9 and 20 October 1890. 2 documents
    Folder 5.41 Letter to Mrs. Meuly from friend, Thekla Gradler from New York City. 15 November 1891. 1 document
    Folder 5.42 Petition to Court of claims, Margaret Meuly vs. The United States and the Kickapoo Tribe of Indians. Claim filed to reclaim value for 12000 head of cattle, and 43 horses taken in raids between January 1866 and 31 May 1872. 10 June 1892. 1 fragile document with Xeroxes
    Folder 5.43 Bill Margaret Meuly owed to G. R. Scott for various deeds including a petition of 100 acre P. W. Humphries tract as well as a will for Margaret Meuly. 31 December 1894. 1 document
    Folder 5.44 Book presented to Amelia A. Meuly from her brother, Alexander Meuly. It was a book of biblical verses for each day of the year. Copyright 1895, by Frederick A. Stokes Co. 1 multipage document
    Folder 5.45 Recipe written by Alexander H. Meuly for sealing bottles. March 1895. 1 document
    Folder 5.46 Release of Deed of Trust. The deeds held as security for 2 promise notes one each of $10,000 and $15,000 and five other notes totaling $8550 dollars. 14 March 1895. 2 documents

Box 6

    Folder 6.1 Land deed for lot 12 block 1 regarding the Meuly estate in Nueces County, Texas. 9 April 1895. 1 document
    Folder 6.2 Power of Attorney granted on two occasions to Charles A. Meuly by his sisters, Margaret Meuly and Amelia A. Meuly. 12 April 1895, 2 June 1902. 2 documents
    Folder 6.3 List of trips with an envelope addressed to "Ida" from "Aunt Ludie." ca 1898. 2 documents including Xeroxes
    Folder 6.4 Documents re dispute of land sale in or near Navasota, Texas, Margaret Meuly et al to A. Horst and as well as documents regarding court action between J.W. Lightfoot vs. A. Horst about the same property. 7 February 1900, 15 April 1904, 2 August (1904). 9 documents
    Folder 6.5 Envelope with an engraving of Nueces Hotel, Corpus Christi, Texas. Includes notes in pencil. ca 1900. 1 document
    Folder 6.6 Letter by Ida Daimwood Magnenat addressed "Dear Folks," describing the interior of the house, food habits, a social event and clothing. 22 November 1902, Lamar, Texas. 1 letter including Xeroxes
    Folder 6.7 Legal documents in Grimes County concerning J. W. Lightfoot and A. Horst about 54 acres sold by the Meulys. November 1904, 20 January 1913. 7 documents
    Folder 6.8 Correspondence regarding a promise note extension between Charles A. Meuly, Preshall & Mosser of Alice, Texas as well as Margaret and Amelia Meuly. 18, 23 April 1904, and 2 May 1904, Las Animas, Texas. 4 documents
    Folder 6.9 Copyrighted image of a little girl climbing out of bed titled "947 Good Morning," B. E. Haskin, Chicago. 1907. 1 document
    Folder 6.10 Legal Deed of Trust, Margaret Meuly to George A. von Blucher, trustee for John Uehlinger on lot 5, Block 3, and Lots 1, 13, 14, Block 13, on Bluff. 22 May 1907. 1 document.
    Folder 6.11 Legal Quit Claim Deed, J. W. Ward & G. R. Scott to Margaret Meuly, 14.3 acres on Nueces Bay. 3 July 1907. 1 document
    Folder 6.12 Map of Nueces Valley, Corpus Christi Bay, and Nueces Bay. Includes surrounding communities and describes area as being an "oil territory of great extent." 15 February 1908. 1 document
    Folder 6.13 Legal Warranty Deed for Lot 12, Block 3, which is a subdivision of the Fletcher Tract. 31 March 1908. 1 document
    Folder 6.14 List of properties regarding Amelia Meuly. ca Early 1900. 1 document
    Folder 6.15 Figures of accounts and taxes for Margaret Meuly and Amelia A. Meuly (written by C. A. Meuly) ca 1911. 1 document
    Folder 6.16 Receipt titled "C.A. Meuly & Co." 16 June 1911. 1 document
    Folder 6.17 Receipts: T. J. Cahill billed for plumbing at 210 and 215 Chaparral and carpentry at 210 Chaparral and galvanized roof. 30 March 1912 - August 1912. 4 documents with Xeroxes
    Folder 6.18 Listing of accounts and taxes for Margaret Meuly, Margaret Meuly, Amelia A. Meuly, and Charles A. Meuly. 1912- 1913. 3 documents
    Folder 6.19 Record of deed, A. H. Meuly to E. C. Westervelt, vol. 91, p. 583. 17 April 1913. 1 document
    Folder 6.20 Abstract Title regarding lot 9 in block No. 2 of C. A. Meuly's subdivision known as "Fletcher Tract". Abstract includes maps and "�part of Blucher Map of Suburban Corpus Christi showing conflict of Leagues 20 and 21 patented to Levi Jones. 1 June 1913. 1 document
    Folder 6.21 Abstract Title lots 10, 11, and 12 in Block No. 2 of C. A. Meuly's subdivision�Fletcher Tract. 1 June 1913. 1 document
    Folder 6.22 Deed of Conveyance regarding heirs to Amelia Meuly, Margaret Meuly, and C.A. Meuly. 29 April 1914. 1 document
    Folder 6.23 Abstract of Title for lots No. 2 and 3 in Block no. 1 beach portion, Corpus Christi. Abstract includes maps of the local area. 11 December 1915. 1 document
    Folder 6.24 Quit Claim Deed for lot 5 in block 3; and lots 1, 13, 14, in block no. 13 bluff portion, Corpus Christi. 31 January 1917. 1 document
    Folder 6.25 Deed to 617 Leopard Street and Bill of Sale for 615 Leopard Street, signed P. A. Dauterive and H. M. Holden. 16 February 1917. 3 documents including one envelope
    Folder 6.26 Deposit by Charles A Meuly, for $18.65. The check was from H. E. Luter. 11 June 1917. 1 document
    Folder 6.27 Warranty deed for lot 12 in block No. 3 of the C. A. Meuly addition known as Fletcher Tract. 20 June 1917. 1 document
    Folder 6.28 Letter to C. A. Meuly from Oscar Lutz. 10 October 1917, Sarita Texas. 1 document
    Folder 6.29 Rental agreement where Dr. Thos[?] J. Leach agrees to $50 per month in advance for 215 Chap[arrel]. 6 September 1920. 1 document
    Folder 6.30 Promise note for $221.90 paid to Gus Noyes from Margaret Meuly, Amelia A. Meuly and C. A. Meuly. 5 July 1922. 1 document
    Folder 6.31 Discussion of land transaction from C. A. Meuly to N. H. and Mollie Heuton. 15 & 20 July 1922. 2 documents
    Folder 6.32 Bond issue and separate "statement of facts concerning navigation district bond issue" regarding Corpus Christi Port Development Association of Corpus Christi, Texas. 20 October 1922. 4 identical documents addressed to different people.
    Folder 6.33 Tax accounting for surviving family members, C. Meuly estate and Margaret Meuly estate by Charles A Meuly. 21 January 1925. 1 document
    Folder 6.34 Notary authorization for Alexander Humboldt Meuly. 1 June 1927. 1 June 1929. 2 documents
    Folder 6.35 Receipt of lot 11 in block no. 1. It is handwritten on reverse of typed letterhead of Ladies Home Journal. 1 December 1927. 1 document
    Folder 6.36 Draft of letter on an envelope to R [Richard Blucher] a nephew to Margaret and Amelia Meuly. ca May 1928. 1 document
    Folder 6.37 Letter to Ursula Marie Magnenat and Francis Magnenat from "Uncle Alex." 3 July 1928. 1 document
    Folder 6.38 IRS Audit for tax year 1926 with notes on lots 7 & 8 of original Humphries tract. 6 July 1928, ca May 1929. 1 document with envelope
    Folder 6.39 Written important milestone memories of Amelia A Meuly. ca 1933. 1 document
    Folder 6.40 Typed letter to Amelia Meuly, Denver Colorado. 10 January 1936. 1 document
    Folder 6.41 Handwritten letter signed by Ed to Friend Amelia (A. Meuly). 22 September [19]35. 1 document
    Folder 6.42 News clipping by Hubert Foster in C.C. Caller Times titled "Meuly House May Be Sold." 17 February 1946. 1 document

Box 7

    Folder 7.1 Assorted newspaper clippings of death notices and will judgments regarding Moses Menger, Eddie. D. Zimmerman, Audrey Colley, Bernard Walker, and Dorothy Blackshard. nd, ca early 1900s. 3 documents
    Folder 7.1 Newspaper wedding announcement regarding Rebecca Biggio and Roy Kelly Mims. 15 October l902. 1 document.
    Folder 7.2 Bill for kindergarten. "Emise K. Folsom" to "Mrs. Manual." 31 January 1916. 1 document
    Folder 7.3 Notes taken from the Brownsville Herald on sunken treasure by [one of Conrad Meuly's children?] 11 August 1927. 2 documents
    Folder 7.4 The last will and testament of Minnie Thompson Meuly [the second wife of Charles A. Meuly]. 5 March 1933. 1 document
    Folder 7.5 Correspondence with Amelia A. Meuly, including an invitation and 5 photos from the letter. 13 June 1876 and 21 March 1921. 2 documents with Xeroxes
    Folder 7.6 Real Daughter Certificate for Amelia A. Meuly from the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. 29 March 1939. 1 document
    Folder 7.7 Alexander Humboldt Meuly's City of Corpus Christi Tax Receipt on Lot 6 Block 3, including a book titled The Astral Child written by A. H. Meuly. 27 October 1942. 2 documents
    Folder 7.8 Letters, including one from Walter L. Parr about A. H. Meuly's sunken treasure ship, one from F. S. Wise about Nueces county historical societies' goals of first year, and Mrs. M. L. Parsons' racket store premiums card with Blucher's name on reverse. 29 August and 29 September 1953. 3 documents
    Folder 7.9 Texas Music News article titled "Important Contributions to Music in Texas Made by Early German Settlers." Vol. 1, 135, No. 1, page 5 article by Mrs. Gerald E. Osborne. Conrad Meuly, Felix v. Blucher and other family members mentioned as contributing. October 1960. 1 document
    Folder 7.10 Letter to Ida D. Magnenat from May Segrest Decker. 4 July 1968. 1 document plus envelope
    Folder 7.11 "Entertainment Now and Then" in Corpus Christi by Maude French Smith. 2 April 1972. 1 document
    Folder 7.13 Copper print name plate given from Lelia Belle Daimwood (Mrs. Fred Henderson) to Ursula Marie Magnenat, including a death notice for Clarence C. Kerlagon. ca 1920, 23 December 1959. 2 documents including envelope
    Folder 7.14 News articles, death notices, letters, and estate papers regarding William H. Daimwood Jr. 18 March 1902, 1941, 1948, 1962, and 1963. 7 documents including a Xeroxed letter
    Folder 7.15 Correspondence of Amelia A. Daimwood, including will, probate, legal, and appraisal documents with Christmas cards, bank statements, checks, and news articles. 1905-1971. 54 documents plus Xeroxes
    Folder 7.16 Sunday school certificates for F. L. Magnenat and Francis Magnenat of the First Presbyterian Church, Gainesville, Texas. 21 December 1921. 2 documents
    Folder 7.17 Xerox photos of Daimwood women at functions of the First Presbyterian Church, Corpus Christi, Texas. 21 November 1961. 3 documents
    Folder 7.18 First Presbyterian Church documents regarding Ida D. Magnenat and Amelia A. Daimwood of Corpus Christi, Texas. 1940 - 1967. 42 documents
    Folder 7.19 Program-bulletin of Jackson Woods Presbyterian Church dedication. 29 November 1964. 2 documents
    Folder 7.20 Documents pertaining to Ida Daimwood Magnenat, including school correspondence, war coverage, divorce papers, employment applications, transcripts, teaching certificates, and travel brochures. 1905 - May 20, 1969. 90 documents
    Folder 7.21 Ida Daimwood Magnenat's notes on rural communities in economics/surveys with photos. ca 1920s - 1930's. 5 documents
    Folder 7.22 Applications and certificates for the Daughters of Republic of Texas and the Daughters of the Confederacy pertaining to Ida Daimwood Magnenat. 1954 - 1956. 7 documents
    Folder 7.23 Estate papers of Ida Daimwood Magnenat. 20 March 1971 - 21 October 1981, some with nd. 81 documents
    Folder 7.24 Advertising Brochures for the Centennial House, Fulton Mansion, and New Orleans, including Le Coq Hardy Menu [in French] with postcard photo inside. ca early 1900s. 5 documents
    Folder 7.25 Advertising Brochures for Aransas Pass and Corpus Christi, including a drawing inside front cover of "Bluffs�" ca 1900. 2 documents with Xerox due to fragility
    Folder 7.26 Advertising Brochure for Corpus Christi titled "Door to Wonderland." ca 1950. 1 document
    Folder 7.27 Advertising Brochures for the Directory of Texas Historical Museums and the Guide to Texas Historical Markers. ca 1940. 1 document
    Folder 7.28 Newspaper accounts of early Corpus Christi written by Bill Walraven which were saved by Ida D. Magnenat, including information on Felix v. Blucher. ca 1970.
    Folder 7.29 Brewing books titled "Brewers Manuel" [German] and "Art of Brewing" [English]. 1842. Other documents dealing with brewing beer undated. 3 documents

Box 8

    Folder 8.1 Untranslated French letter. [From similarity of paper and style this partial letter could be from Valerie Magnenat, sister to F. L Magnenat] 6 January 1902. 1 document
    Folder 8.2 Letters of recommendation and other University of Texas documents, including a last will and testament for Florence Magnenat [sister to F.L. Magnenat]. 21 September 1885-1905. 14 documents
    Folder 8.3 French Journal titled "La Patrie Swisse," Geneva, Switzerland and includes a photo of "Le Lausanne Oh'on De vaste." Folder also contains a picture titled "En Valais: Chalets pres de Saas=Fee. February 1914. 4 documents
    Folder 8.4 Valentine with moving eyes from Ida Magnenat to Frederick P. Creglow, her grandson. 12 February 1940. 1 document
    Folder 8.5 Letters from Andree of Zurick, Switzerland to 4th cousins Francis M. Williamson and Ursula Marie Mayfield. 1945-1947. 9 documents
    Folder 8.6 Letters from Valerie Magnenat [sister to F. L Magnenat] to Ursula Marie Mayfield and Ida Magnenat. 1945-1954. 11 documents
    Folder 8.7 Letters to Ursula Marie Mayfield from Marcelle [last name?], including a Swiss newspaper. 1911, ca mid 1950's. 7 documents
    Folder 8.8 Documents pertaining to Frederic L. Magnenat, including certificates, poll tax and lodge receipts, and a letter of recommendation. 28 September 1898 - 22 December 1915. 4 documents
    Folder 8.9 Books owned by F.L. Magnenat pertaining to World War I titled Spoken French, Infantry Drill Reg. U. S. Army, Manual for Soldiers in France, French Practical Course, [by Jules Magnenat, the father of F.L. Magnenat, of State University of Texas], and the Tourist in Touraine. 1897, 1917, and 1918. 5 books
    Folder 8.10 Souvenir de la Guerre post card [souvenir of the Great War], mailed by F.L. Magnenat to daughter Ursula Marie Magnenat. Appears to be a postcard with World War I military and political figures on the front cover, and includes a short letter signed "daddie." 21 January 1919. 2 documents
    Folder 8.11 Correspondence of F. L. Magnenat regarding returning WWI veterans, prohibition, and entertainment in Corpus Christi, Texas. nd, April 1918, and June 1919. 4 documents
    Folder 8.12 Bulletins, a French coupon/ration pamphlet, and a directory regarding Frederic L. Magnenat's unit in WWI. ca 1918 and 11 November 1918. 3 items
    Folder 8.13 Military documents of Frederic L. Magnenat during WWI, including a pamphlet on "Why America Fights Germany," a discharge from the army in 1918 as Quartermaster SGT and reassignment as 2nd Lt. Quartermaster of the US Army. 31 July 1917 - 26 October 1918. 45 documents
    Folder 8.14 Documents of Frederic L. Magnenat from WWI, as well as many newspapers, rosters, and brochures that were in use at the time. Included are the magazines titled The Steering Wheel, the journal of Motor Transport Company and Gold & Blue Stars, 18 January 1919 - 19 October 1920. 100+ documents
    Folder 8.15 Postcard booklets from WWI era France. ca August 1919. 5 items
    Folder 8.16 United Gas Log booklet, Vol. 7, No.9, including an article on page 3 about F.L. Magnenat. July 1946. 1 item
    Folder 8.17 Personal papers of F. L. Magnenat. 1934-1961. 12 documents
    Folder 8.18 Correspondence of F. L. Magnenat to Ursula Marie Mayfield 1947, 1950, 1954. Xerox of photos included. 8 documents
    Folder 8.19 Correspondence of F. L. Magnenat to daughter Ursula Marie Mayfield. 1936 and 1938. 2 letters plus Xeroxes
    Folder 8.20 Personal papers of F. L. Magnenat including banking and insurance documents, as well as a death certificate and funeral announcement regarding the closing of his estate. 1957-1963. 55 documents

Box 9 and Box 10

    Box 9 contains two Daedalian yearbooks for the North Texas State Teachers College, College of Industrial Arts. 1927 and 1929.
    Box 10 contains Daedalian yearbooks for the North Texas State Teachers College, College of Industrial Arts. 1928 and 1930.

Box 11

    Folder 11.1 Baby Book of Ursula Marie Magnenat Creglow Mayfield. September 21, 1909.
    Folder 11.2 Grammar Grade Problems in Mechanical Drawing. Bennett, Manual Arts Press. Peoria, Ill. ca. 1930's
    Folder 11.3 Mechanical Drawing. Geo. Fern & Albert T. Krueger, S. A. Texas. Mechanical Drawing for High School, 1927. Mechanical Drawing Problems. Berg & Kronquist, 1918. Mechanical Drawing Texts. 3 items.
    Folder 11.4 Building Trades Broadening and Finding Course. Bulletin #73. 1926-1927. once property of Mary Carroll.
    Folder 11.5 Vocational Drawing-Broadening and Finding Course. Bulletin #74. 1926-1927. once property of Mary Carroll. 2 copies.
    Folder 11.6 Mechanical Drawing Problems. 10 plates�named Charles Lamar, 1929. 8 plates� named Charles Lamar, 1929.
    Folder 11.7 Course in Drawing. Texas A & M, College Station, Texas. E. L. Williams. Summer, 1929.
    Folder 11.8 Broadening & Finding Course of Study Drawing. L. B. Fields, Houston, Texas 1930.
    Folder 11.9 Mechanical Drawing Problems, Plates 8-63. ca 1929 - 1930.
    Folder 11.10 Mechanical Drawing Problems. S. W. Bull, Des. Plate II - ABC characters; 9 plates named Mark Luckie. 1931. 2 named C. Scogin incomplete and undated. 2 plates unnamed and not graded.
    Folder 11.11 Maps of Port Facilities, Rail Connections in Corpus Christi, Texas. Revised 1931. Drawings made of purposed port of Corpus Christi by Ursula Marie Magnenat. Undated.
    Folder 11.12 Pearl Harbor Story. Notes in book were made by Robert S. Creglow of the United States Navy. He was stationed at Pearl Harbor. 1965.
    Folder 11.13 Publications regarding Hurricane Celia. August 3, 1970. CPL News: The Saga of a Storm, Celia. Jim Wood and Grady Phelps, co-editors. Celia: A Picture story of the most Devastating Hurricane ever to hit Texas Coast, John C. Tullet photographer. �and Celia was her Name. Hal Barron, Editor. 4 publications
    Folder 11.14 La Retama Library Calendar, 75th Anniversary. 1984.

Box 12

    Folder 12.1 Woodlawn Presbyterian Church newsletters. nd, 1980, & 1983. 5 documents
    Folder 12.2 News article regarding the wedding of Mrs. Bert Williamson. ca late 1930's -early 1940's. 1 document
    Folder 12.3 Correspondence of the Magnenat family. 11 letters march 13, 1947 - June 23, 1982 all addressed to "DD" from "F". DD is a pet name for Ursula Marie within her family. Francis signs as "F." 1947-1983. 12 documents
    Folder 12.4 Depression era letter from Jack Mayfield to his parents, Jim and Mary Mayfield dated January 3, from Houston, Texas. ca 1929-1937. 1 document plus 2 Xeroxes.
    Folder 12.5 Jack Mayfield personal papers, including legal and government paperwork as well as a death certificate. Undated - 1979. (This folder contains only 4 original documents. The rest are Xeroxes, as originals are with R. S. Creglow.) 25 documents
    Folder 12.6 Correspondence of Jack and Marie Mayfield. Includes births, holidays, receipts, banking documents, naval lodge newsletters, death notices, a bill for burial, as well as newspaper articles regarding Jack Mayfield's invention for ARADMAC. 1964-1969. 38 documents
    Folder 12.7 Map of the USA, Texas style, along with a poem titled "Merry Christmas Amigos." Nixon Blue Print Co. nd, ca 1940s. 2 documents plus Xeroxes
    Folder 12.8 WWII War Ration Book numbers for Creglow Family, as well as instructions on how to use the ration books. ca 1941-1945. 3 documents
    Folder 12.9 Official documents of Ursula Marie Magnenat, including awards, certificates, diploma, report cards and certification as teacher of drawing. 2 March 1913 - 1955. 31 documents
    Folder 12.10 Personal documents of Ursula Marie Magnenat Creglow Mayfield, including articles, official documents, cards, and letters. ca 1910s - 1984. 83 documents
    Folder 12.11 Paper Dolls, Cutouts of Fashions. These were originally inside scrapbook of Ursula Marie Magnenat. ca 1921-1926. There are 10 units of cutouts/paper dolls.
    Folder 12.12 Letter by Ursula Marie Mayfield in which she describes Hurricane Celia. 22 September 1970. 2 document
    Folder 12.13 Burial information regarding Ursula Marie Mayfield including a signature book from her funeral. She died November 4, 1984. 9 documents
    Folder 12.14 Expressions of sympathy regarding the death of Ursula Marie Mayfield. November 1984 - February 1985. 20 documents
    Folder 12.15 Note with 8 photos from Frances and Bert Williamson regarding the Creglow Children. 24 May 1945. 6 documents
    Folder 12.16 News articles regarding Frederick Palmore Creglow. 1951 & 1952. 2 documents
    Folder 12.17 Correspondence between Robert Stanley Creglow and his mother, Ursula Marie Mayfield. Fall 1959 - 1961. 80 documents
    Folder 12.18 Correspondence, news articles and graduation papers of Robert Stanley Creglow. 1951-1968. 12 documents
    Folder 12.19 News articles regarding the Boy Scout's jamboree, Eagle Scout awards for Robert & Frederick Creglow. Also includes a typed article on Drama and Dance in the Americas. 4 July 1957, others with nd, ca 1950s or early 1960s. 11 documents
    Folder 12.20 Program regarding the dedication of the Conrad Meuly Blucher Institute for Surveying and Science. May 6, 1987. 1 document

Box 13

    Folder 13.1 Genealogy and history of the Daimwood family. Includes marriage certificates, letters and information indicating a family connection to Daniel Boone. 36 documents
    Folder 13.2 Genealogy and history of the Daimwood Family. Includes birth certificates and death notices. 39 documents
    Folder 13.3 Genealogy and history of the Magnenat Family. Includes personal papers, legal documents, and emigration information. Some documents in French and need translation. 5 documents
    Folder 13.4 Genealogy and history of the Magnenat Family. Includes birth and marriage certificates, legal documents, and emigration information. Some documents in French and need translation. 12 documents
    Folder 13.5 Genealogy and history of the Magnenat Family. Includes "Obligation Hypothecaire," (mortgage debenture), 14 April 1877. Document is in French and needs translation. 2 documents
    Folder 13.6 Genealogy and history of the Magnenat Family. Includes naturalization and military documents, as well as names and addresses from Switzerland. One partial letter in French needs translation. 22 documents
    Folder 13.7 Genealogy and history of the Meuly Family. Includes birth and death listings. 3 documents
    Folder 13.8 Genealogy and history of the Meuly Family. Includes birth and death listings, as well as Daimwood and Magnenat family information. 21 documents
    Folder 13.9 Genealogy and history of the Rahn Family. Includes legal documents and a "coat of arms" drawing for Margaret Rahn's family. Some documents are in French and need translation. 7 documents
    Folder 13.9 Genealogy and history of the Blucher family. Includes birth and death information. 9 documents
    Folder 13.10 Genealogy and history regarding Ursula Marie Magnenat Creglow Mayfield. Includes personal papers, genealogy and letters. 20 documents
    Folder 13.11 Genealogy and history of the Palmore & Creglow families. Includes letters, name lists, and newspaper clippings. 14 documents
    Folder 13.12 Genealogy and history regarding Jack Mayfield, including marriage, military, and death certificates. 11 documents
    Folder 13.13 Genealogy and history regarding Ursula Marie Magnenat Creglow Mayfield. Includes lists of births as well as anniversaries of family and friends. 4 documents
    Folder 13.14 Book titled Leaves of Gold, which is an anthology of prayers, memorial phrases, supportive verses and prose. Edited by Clyde Francis Lytle. 1948.

Box 14

    Folder 14.1 The Normal Grammar by Stephen W. Clarke. A.M.A.S Barnes & Company. New York. Owned and inscribed by Mary F. Meuly, 18 February 1901. Also contains a blank check for State National Bank, Corpus Christi, Texas.
    Folder 14.2 The Days of Bruce by Grace Aguilar. D. Appleton & Company, Vol. 1, 1875. Owned and inscribed by both Charles & Alexander H. Meuly.
    Folder 14.3 English Grammar on the Productive System by Roswell C. Smith. E.H. Butler & company, 1865. Contains practice sheets dated 29 October (18)97. Also owned and inscribed by Mary Blucher, Mrs. Charles Blucher.
    Folder 14.4 Manners and Social Usages by Mrs. John Sherwood. Harper & Brothers, Franklin Square, New York, 1887. Owned and inscribed by Amelia A. Meuly, Corpus Christi, 17 July 1890.
    Folder 14.5 The Ladies' Handbook of Fancy and Ornamental Works, Comprising Directions and Patterns for Working in Appliqu�, Bead Work, Braiding, Canvas Work, Knitting, Netting, Tatting, Worsted Work, Quilting, Patchwork, & C. & C. by Miss Florence Hartley. G.G. Evans, Publisher, no. 439 Chestnut St. 1860. Owned and inscribed 30 May 1950 "to Ursula Marie with love from Aunt Amelia Daimwood. Belonged to Grandmother Margaret Rahm Meuly.

Box 15

    Folder 15.1 The Story of Corpus Christi by Mrs. Mary A. Sutherland. Corpus Christi Chapter of Daughters of the Confederacy, 1916. Inscribed Mrs. Fred L. Magnenat, with Corpus Christi address.
    Folder 15.2 Love Poems and "Sonnets from the Portuguese" by Elizabeth Barret Browning. New York Dodge Publishing Company, 23 East 20th Street. Inscribed "from Uncle Charles (Meuly) and Aunt Marie Meuly, Xmas, 1906."
    Folder 15.3 Die Bible Ober Die Ganze Helige Schrift Bes Alten Und Neun Testaments Nach Dr. Martin Luther Uberfessung, (Bible-German for "the holy writing") Family bible belonging to Margaret Rahm Meuly etc. Inside has family record beginning with marriage of Conrad Meuly & Margaret Rahm as well as births and deaths of thirteen children. Also contains births and deaths of Conrad Meuly and deaths of three children.

Box 16

    Folder 16.1 Dust jackets and book sleeves concerning Old Indianola, Uriah Lott, Corpus Christi (x2), Blaze of Gold.
    Folder 16.2 Old Indianola by Lois Lucille Gray. The Naylor Company, 1950. Signed by Ms. Gray, inscribed: "Mrs. Ida D. Magnenat.
    Folder 16.3 Photos and cards with newspaper clippings found in the book Old Indianola by Lois Lucille Gray, 1950. Card was sent along with the book. Photographs and newspaper clippings are related to people, places, and events from the book.
    Folder 16.4 Uriah Lott by J.L. Allhands. Naylor Company, 1949. Inscribed "to my dear friend J.W. Blake, J.L. Allhands, 1950." Two newspaper clippings located in book glued to the back of the front cover.
    Folder 16.5 Centennial History of Corpus Christi published by the Corpus Christi Caller Times, 1952. Inscribed Mrs. Jack Mayfield, 1126-19th, Corpus Christi, Texas.
    Folder 16.6 Blaze of Gold by Dee Woods. Naylor Company, San Antonio, 1946. Contains a gift card signed "Marie & Jack." Signed Empress, 7 July 1946.
    Folder 16.7 The American Boy's Handy Book by D.C. Beard. Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, 1892. Inscribed "Carl FKMV Blucher Texas." Contains a drawing of a man with a donkey.

Box 17

    Folder 17.1 Photos, newspaper clippings, and letters found in and pertaining to Gringo Builders.
    Folder 17.2 Gringo Builders by J.L. Allhands. Privately printed in 1931. Inscribed "to a very dear friend J.W. Blake, J.L. Allhands." Also contained a signature by J.W. Blake as well as photos, letters, and newspaper clippings now found in the adjacent folder.
    Folder 17.3 A History of Texas for Schools by Mrs. Anna J. Hardwicke. Revised 1908 edition.
    Folder 17.4 A History of Texas for Schools by Mrs. Anna J. Hardwicke. Revised 1912 edition. Austin, Texas.
    Folder 17.5 Corpus Christi: A History and a Guide. Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce, published by the Corpus Christi Caller Times, 1942. Inscribed "for Ursula Marie and Palmore-mother, June 30, 1942."
    Folder 17.6 Recollections of a Texas Educator by Louis H. Hubbard. Numbered #366 out of 1000. Published by the Texas State College of Women, Denton, Texas. Signed by Louis H. Hubbard.

Box 18

    Folder 18.1 Contents found in and pertaining to the Practical Cooking and Dining Guide. Comprised of cooking recipes and such.
    Folder 18.2 Practical Cooking and Dining Guide by Mrs. Mary F. Henderson. Published by Harper Brothers Franklin Square, 1878. Contains homemade book cover and inscribed "Mary F. Dowing, C.C. Texas, April 17, 1880 with a recipe on the inside cover. Many relevant materials found in the previous folder.
    Folder 18.3 Rincon by and signed by Maude T. Gilliand. Springman-King lithograph company, Brownsville, Texas, 1964. Inscribed "with best wishes to Mrs. Ida D. Magnenat. Also includes Ida D. Magnenat's address in Corpus Christi, Texas.
    Folder 18.4 Advanced Geography, Texas Edition by Dodge-Lackey. Published by Rand McNally & Company, 1929. Inscribed Marie Mayfield with a picture of a bull.
    Folder 18.5 The Golden Book of Indian Crafts and Lore by W. Ben Hunt. Simon and Schuster, New York, 1954.
    Folder 18.6 Buck Schiwetz' Texas by E.M. Schiwetz. University of Texas Press, 1960. Contains a card that says "happy birthday (from) Francis, Bert & Francis."

Box 19

    Folder 19.1 Empty envelopes and document cases pertaining to the Meuly-Daimwood family. Ca mid 1900s.
    Folder 19.2 Empty document cases and envelopes regarding legal papers of the Meuly-Daimwood family. Includes a glasses case with spectacles and an empty tube for photo negatives. Ca mid 1900s.
    Folder 19.3 Empty envelopes regarding the Meuly-Daimwood family. 1902, and ca early 1900s.
    Folder 19.4 Diploma of Ursula Marie Magnenat and an empty personnel folder for federal employees.
    Folder 19.5 Frederick L. Magnenat's artifacts. Supreme auto oil note pad with waxed paper and letter carrier. Undated.

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