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Sheriton Burr Birding Collection

The Sheriton Burr Birding Collection contains over 330 books, journals, and magazines on birds and birding in Texas and the United States. Sheriton Burr (1906-1999) was born in Laredo, but was a resident of Corpus Christi at his death. For forty years he served as an engineer for CP&L in different locations, including Laredo, Bay City, and Corpus Christi.

Burr was best known as a prominent birder in Corpus Christi and along the Gulf Coast. He pursued birding as his hobby for thirty years during which he became nationally recognized. Burr compiled a “life list” of 703 species of North American birds, a goal desired by serious birders. He was active in the Audubon Outdoor Club, Texas Ornithology Society, and American Birding Association. He had many friends in the Corpus Christi birding community.

Burr assembled his birding collection during his active years. After his death, his family asked the Audubon Outdoor Club of Corpus Christi, through its president Leah Pummill, to find a home for his materials. Jo Creglow, a birder and volunteer in Special Collections & Archives, aided in the acquisition of this collection.

Especially prized in the Burr Collection are bird notes on the Rockport area by noted area birder Connie Hager, Christmas bird counts, and checklists of birds in Texas. In conjunction with the Carter Whatley Collection in Special Collections & Archives, the Sheriton Burr Birding Collection covers this increasingly important topic and avocation in Texas, particularly in the South Texas coastal region.

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