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Gilbert G. Jasso
Gilberto G. Jasso investigating unsanitary conditions in a
South Texas colonia, 1990s.

Gilberto G. Jasso Papers

Gilberto Garcia Jasso spent much of his life as a civil rights activist from Texas to California during the 1960s-1990s. He especially prized his association with Dr. Hector P. Garcia and Cesar Chavez, two of the most illustrious figures in the movement to better the lives of Hispanics. Born in Brownsville, Texas, in 1933, Jasso moved with his family to Corpus Christi at an early age. At seventeen he joined the United States Marine Corps where he served three years. After returning home, he graduated from Corpus Christi High School in 1955 and attended Del Mar College. In 1957, he moved to California. There he attended the College of San Mateo and worked at various occupations.

An active member of the American G.I. Forum, Jasso served in that organization's office of civil rights on the national and state levels while in California. He often ran his office with his own funds, underscoring the voluntary nature of such efforts. During the 1960s and 1970s, Jasso participated with Cesar Chavez in the grape strike. He found himself involved in on all fronts on behalf of Hispanics, including equal employment opportunity, voting rights, equal education, census undercounting, police brutality, the condition of colonias, and other issues. Among his most memorable activities, he was present during the Chicano Moratorium in Los Angeles where Ruben Salazar, reporter for the Los Angeles Times, was killed.

In 1988, Jasso moved back to Corpus Christi to assist Dr. Hector P. Garcia and the American G.I. Forum and became a familiar community figure. He proved especially active in exposing the condition of South Texas colonias, plots of land where underprivileged Mexican Americans resided without clean water and proper sanitation. Jasso also played a major role in revealing racial discrimination within the Texas National Guard in the early 1990s. Due to declining health, Jasso retired from community activism in 1998.

Mr. Jasso generously donated his extensive papers to Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi in 1998. At the occasion of the gift, he was accompanied by his wife Molly, daughter Velda, son-in-law Rene Lovato, Jr., and grandchildren. Mr. and Mrs. Jasso also have two other daughters, Veronica and Jacqualine.

The Gilberto Garcia Jasso Papers consist of twenty-eight (28) cubic foot boxes of materials reflecting much of his tenure as a community activist. They contain reports, speeches, notes, correspondence, clippings, newsletters and assorted publications, photographs, as well as other manuscript items reflecting Mr. Jasso's community service and issues salient to the advancement of Mexican Americans. The Jasso Papers are especially rich in documentation dealing with American G.I. Forum activities.

The following preliminary inventory reflects the general contents of each cubic foot box to provide the researcher with basic access to the papers. The organization of the collection maintains the donor's original order. The inventory was compiled by Daniel Rosales, Michael Rowell, and Cecilia Venable during the spring of 2010.

Preliminary Inventory

Box 1

1.01 Cesar Chavez; three photographs, and newspapers announcing his death, 1992-93.

1.02 AGIF, Department of California Humanitarian Mission Accomplished, 1980.

1.03 Plaque: Gilberto Jasso, "In Recognition of Your Leadership in the Pursuit of Hispanic Civil Rights," no date.

1.04 Plaque: Gilberto Jasso, "AGIF National Chairman Forumeer of the Year Award," August 13, 1983.

1.05 Plaque: Gilberto Jasso, Roy Miller High School Veterans' Hall of Honor, 1997.

1.06 Plaque: Gilberto Jasso, AGIF of Texas. In Recognition for his Services Special Civil Rights Award, June 26, 1992.

1.07 Plaque: Gilberto Jasso, Director Operations Aid to Alviso, June, 1983.

1.08 "Jasso tests Positive for tuberculosis." Corpus Christi Caller-Times clipping, August 20, 1997.

1.09 Plaque: Gilberto Jasso National Civil Rights Director, in Appreciation for Outstanding Service to AGIF of the United States, August, 1982.

1.10 Plaque: Gilberto Jasso AGIF, San Jose East Valley Chapter, 1980-81.

1.11 Pictorial "The California Judge Gerald S. Chargin Case," 1969.

1.12 Plaque: Gilberto Jasso, AGIF, October 12, 1995.

1.13 Gilberto Jasso photograph. National Hispanic Heritage Month "Hispanics Defending America," Cultural Lunch Program. October 12, 1995. (Two copies). AGIF Operation Hurricane Celia, Corpus Christi, Texas, 1970. Press Release office of civil rights, 1982.

Box 2

2.1 AGIF chairman appointment for Gilberto Jasso, 1997; Ramsey Muniz, Chemical contaminants, OxyChem, civil rights, AGIF, Cesar Chavez and farm workers, documents and newspaper clippings.

2.2 Gilberto Jasso and Tierra Grande Colonia photograph; Tierra Grande VHS tapes, and documents, 1980s-1990s.

2.3 Gilberto Jasso newspaper clippings, 1997.

2.4 United States Postal Service package from Dr. Hector P Garcia to Mr. Gilberto Jasso, Corpus Christi Caller-Times clipping; Dr. Hector P. Garcia (1914-96), "A Remembrance," 1996.

Box 3

3.1 AGIF Corpus Christi Caller-Times December 23, 1988; Texas Colonias Letters and clippings, late 1980s-1990s.

3.2 Corpus Christi Caller-Times, August 19, 1997; AGIF Humanitarian Operation in Colonias, 1995; AGIF - Health Issues, newspaper clippings, 1997; Hepatitis records 1987-1988; Cholera cases, 1991.

3.3 Texas Medical Association Border Health Conference August 1989; Humanitarian Operation 'Las Colonias' Update, 1988; Las Colonias health issues documents.

Box 4

4.1 Civil Rights, California AGIF, San Jose Mercury newspaper clippings and documents, 1971-1981.

4.2 AGIF and LULAC Petitions, December 06, 1992.

4.3 Operation Higher Education for South Texas, 1989 and 1990 documents.

4.4 AGIF documents, correspondence, and newspaper clippings, 1990s.

4.5 AGIF documents, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and postcard, 1990s; Three art pieces by Joe Lopez 1990s. Corpus Christi Caller-Times, Dr. Hector P. Garcia, 1914-1996, "A Remembrance."

Box 5

5.1 AGIF "OxyChem" Release of Benzene a Known Human Carcinogen February 6, 1995, City of Robstown Official Complaint to the Honorable Carl Lewis Nueces County; OxyChem documents, and newspaper clippings re release of benzene.

5.2 OxyChem and AGIF documents, newspaper clippings, and correspondence; Cancer Mortality Rates by Census Tract Nueces County, Texas, 1990.

5.3 AGIF and refinery accidents in Texas, documents, newspaper clippings and correspondence, 1990s.

5.4 OxyChem correspondence and documents, 1990.

Box 6

6.1 AGIF and refinery incidents, document, newspaper clippings, correspondence, and photographs, 1990s. 6.2 AGIF The Postal Service Guide to U.S. Stamps 1990; AGIF documents and correspondence, 1990s.

Box 7

7.1 Joseph P. Sanchez, "The Spanish Black Legend: Origins of Anti-Hispanic Stereotypes;" Demands of the First Hispanic Civil Rights Conference, Sacramento, California, Sept. 8, 1979; Jimmy Carter Photograph; AGIF documents, correspondence, photographs, and police brutality cases in California and Texas, 1980s-1990s.

7.2 Office of Civil Rights Summary 1981 Report: Fernando Elizondo Hispanic Hero vs. FMC; AGIF and law enforcement brutality cases towards Mexican Americans, documents and correspondence, 1980s.

7.3 AGIF and police brutality Office of Civil Rights Department of California, documents, newspaper clippings, correspondence and negatives, 1979-1980s.

7.4 AGIF documents, correspondence, and photographs, 1990s.

7.5 "Jasso is Civil Rights Champion," El Observador July 29, 1981; Bumper sticker for councilman seat no. 4; Office of civil rights; Squadron 201 article; AGIF documents, newspaper clippings and correspondence.

7.6 AGIF of the U.S. 30th Anniversary Certificate of Merit, presented to Gilberto Garcia Jasso, March 27, 1992; AGIF documents, correspondence, and photographs; Department of California - "Humanitarian Mission Accomplished;" AGIF Veteran's Family Organization.

7.7 The Wall Street Journal, July 30, 1992; AGIF documents, correspondence, photographs; KKK in Hispanic, November 1993, SAGA program, May 16, 1990.

7.8 AGIF and Texas National Guard documents, correspondence, newspaper clippings, Corpus Christi Caller-Times reference to "hog-log," 1994.

Box 8

8.1 Jose G. Rodriguez Jr. Affidavit 1990s; AGIF documents, correspondence and newspaper clippings, 1990s; AGIF of Texas, "Operation: In search of U.S. military justice, 1992;" Affidavits, 1991-92.

8.2 Kelly Air Guard "Hoglog" & Radical Discrimination, AGIF, Texas; Colonias, documents, correspondence and newspaper clippings, 1990s; Christopher Columbus, 500 yrs. Celebration pamphlet; Nueces county negatives; Jasso Résumé.

8.3 AGIF documents, correspondence and newspaper clippings, 1990s; "Operation: In search of U.S. Military Justice," correspondence, 1980-91; Request for small business administration to approve loan, San Jose, Ca.

8.4 AGIF of the U.S.A. presentation, 1980, Documents, correspondence, newspaper clippings and Cameron pictures, late 1970s-1990s; Bob Ruiz slides; AGIF and LULAC petitions, 1992.

Box 9

9.1 Lawsuit: Jasso vs. California Motor Express, Ltd.; Material concerning Dr. Clotilde P. Garcia in honor of Dr. Hector Garcia also included SAGA proposal, 1992; Memorial Medical Center pamphlet - Dr. Hector; Correspondence, 1977; El Excentrica; research paper, 1990; Assorted newspaper clippings, 1980s-1990s; Life magazine on Vietnam MIAS, November, 1987.

9.2 Correspondence 1970-1990; newspaper clippings, 1980s-1990s; SAGA proposal, 1991; "Search for U.S. Military Justice," Garcia mural, Forumeer, photographs, 1990s; Gilberto Jasso's profile and newspaper article, 1990s; pamphlet, research paper, photographs, SAGA program, 1990; The leader, 1991, "Las Colonias."

9.3 Cancer Mortality Rates by Census Tract, Nueces County, Texas, 1990; Research paper, "Cancer in Texas," 1994; Correspondence; newspaper clippings, 1996; U.S. Environment Protection Agency, 1995; Census Tract Tables, Correspondence, 1994; New York State Department of Health, 1994; Map; "Stepping up the Fight against Breast Cancer," Parade, September 11, 1994.

Box 10

10.1 Two videos, "OxyChem" town meeting, Robstown, Texas, Nov 18; "OxyChem" Red Barn Meeting #2, Robstown, Texas, 7-30-93; AGIF Petition; Information on Johnny Canales and Louis Armstrong as music ambassadors.

10.2 Assorted newspaper clippings, 1980s-90s; Correspondence; Forumeer, 1997; AGIF and Spanish Only Statute.

10.3 Negatives; Assorted newspaper clippings, 1983-1984; Gilbert Jasso photograph; Humanitarian Operation Colonia Spring Gardens, 1995; Texas Department of Health, 1995-1996; Newspaper clippings of army chemical drops, 1990s; ATSDR and AGIF, 1989.

10.3 Assorted correspondence, 1982-1992; Affidavit; Exhibit 3 - Blacklist Practices; AGIF of Texas - Resolution: In search of justice; Newspaper clippings, 1996; The Citizens' stamp advisory committee; Photocopies of books; Name cards; Petition requesting reconsideration, 1992; AGIF documents, correspondence, newspaper clippings, 1990s; OxyChem photographs, 1992.

Box 11

11.1 Newspaper clippings re discrimination, 1996; Discrimination Statement of Bo Robinson; Trevino et. al. vs. Wal-Mart, 1996.

11.2 AGIF of Texas - "Operation: In search of U.S. Military Justice; "Gilberto Jasso's Resume; Assorted newspaper clippings, 1990s; Accident report, 1993; Hand written notes; Correspondence, 1995- 1996; SAGA program, 1990; Photographs of humanitarian operation, colonia Spring Gardens, 1995; Immigration report; Lab report, 1997.

11.3 AGIF of Texas assorted documents and correspondence, 1970s-90s.

11.4 AGIF and Colonias newspaper clippings, 1980-1990; Forumeer, 1996; Correspondence, 1990s; Pamphlet, 1996; The Cossmho Reporter, 1995; Hand written notes; AGIF of Texas - Resolution; Department of Justice Guidance Concerning Environment Justice; "Union Targets Strawberries to Harvest Support" articles, 1997; Memorandum, 1997; Map; Inspection report, 1997; Forumeer, 1996; Name cards; Humanitarian operation colonia Spring Gardens, 1995; Colonia Tierra Grande report, Nueces County, Texas, 1997; Dallas life, 1988.

Box 12

12.1 Refugio County Sherriff's department alleged racial discrimination and Fiesta Colonia soil contamination correspondence, 1996-97.

12.2 Correspondence and newspaper clippings, 1997; Humanitarian Operation " Los Colonias" correspondence, 1991; Newspaper clippings, 1991-1992; Forumeer, 1992; Squadron 201 picture.

12.3 Texas National Guard racial discrimination correspondence, 1997; Newspaper articles, 1994, 1996-1997; Humanitarian operation colonia Spring Gardens, 1995; Correspondence, 1994; AGIF of Texas - "Operation" In Search of U.S. Military Justice, 1991; Notes, correspondence, clippings, 1994; Memo, 1995; Operation: In search of Environment Justice report, 1995.

12.4 San Jose Model cities program notebook, 1972.

Box 13

13.1 AGIF documents, correspondence and newspaper clippings, 1993. Adjutant General's Department of Texas Annual Report - Fiscal Year, 1992.

13.2 State of Texas House of Representatives Austin correspondence to Ann Richards, October 25, 1991; Poster Board featuring 275 plaintiffs and 61 defendants; Gilberto Jasso, correspondence, contains Army Times, June 29, 1992 and June 22, 1992.

13.3 AGIF documents, correspondence, and photographs; AGIF members dedication of Beatriz Tagle Perez Park, 1990s.

13.4 AGIF assorted documents, correspondence, and newspaper clippings, 1990s.

13.5 Discrimination documents and affidavits 1980s-1990s.

Box 14

14.1 Letter holders, Office of Civil Rights binder, 1970-1990s.

14.2 AGIF documents and correspondence 1980s; Mexico Report: "Mission Accomplished in Defense of Human Rights," 1979.

14.3 Gilberto Jasso name tag, 1997; Domestic Return Receipt, December 1994; Gilberto Jasso and three women in AGIF undated photograph.

14.4 Report, "Humanitarian Operation Colonia Spring Gardens," 1995.

14.5 AGIF of the U.S., Humanitarian Operation "Las Colonias", 1980s.

14.6 AGIF Dr. Hector P. Garcia, Founding Chapter, Finds Third World Conditions Inside Colonia Tierra Grande Nueces County, Texas 1990s; Mail package to Gilberto Jasso, contains photo exhibits, 07-26-07.

14.7 AGIF documents, newspaper clippings, photographs of Garcia Jasso and "Las Colonias", 1980s.

14.8 AGIF and LULAC Petitions, 1990s; AGIF and LULAC correspondence, 1990s; Office of Civil Rights article and photographs of Squadron 201, undated.

14.9 Two photographs Squadron 201 and Port of Corpus Christi dedication of Columbus statue and AGIF clipping, 1970s.

14.10 AGIF 'English only' Update, 1980 -1990s.

Box 15

15.1 OxyChem documents, correspondence, and newspaper clippings.

15.2 Oxy Petrochemical Company documents, correspondence, and newspaper clippings, 1990s; Nueces County Appraisal District letter to Mr. Gilberto Jasso, June 28, 1993.

15.3 Gilberto Jasso deposition, February 27, 1995.

15.4 AGIF documents and correspondence, news clippings concerning OxyChem and environmental laws and 1990s.

15.5 "OxyChem" worst toxic chemical incident, newspaper clippings, 1990s; AGIF documents and correspondence, photos of "Stand Up for Texas" crowd and speaker.

15.6 "OxyChem" worst toxic chemical incident, correspondence and newspaper clippings, 1990s; Panafax Letter Confidentiality Notice, June 16, 1995.

15.7 OxyChem correspondence, newspaper clippings, 1990s.

15.8 Letter to Mr. Daniel J. Rondeau Director, Office of Civil Rights U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, D.C. 1995.

15.9 OxyChem Incident, October 23, 1992 at 9:30 P.M, The Worst Toxic Chemical Industrial Disaster in Nueces County History.

15.10 OxyChem incident poster board, 1994.

Box 16

16.1 Military injustice in Texas, documents, correspondence, and newspaper clippings, 1990s: Undated article on Spring Gardens Citizens against Pesticide Exposure.

16.2 Texas AGIF documents, correspondence, newspaper clippings, negatives and two photographs of Gilberto Jasso, in search of U.S. Military Justice, 1990s.

16.3 Military justice in Texas documents 1990s.

16.4 Environmental justice in Texas, blue folder, documents and newspaper clippings, 1980s-1990s.

Box 17

17.1 Binder on health issues and military responsibility, nuclear weapons and radiation.

17.2 OxyChem; Instances of military discrimination against Mexican-Americans.

17.3 Large binder entitled "Final Report: Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments."

Box 18

18.1 Gilberto Jasso AGIF documents re new policy and direct line stopping the raids and investigation to residential areas in the U.S.A., photographs, newspaper clippings, and correspondence: Mexico Report: "Mission Accomplished in Defense of Human Rights," February 7, 1980 presented in front of Mexican president Jose Lopez Portillo; Spain's Royal American Order of Isabella the Catholic awarded by his majesty king Juan Carlos I to Dr. Clotilde P. Garcia, M.D., May 16, 1990: Humanitarian Operation "Las Colonias;" AGIF correspondence to Dan Morales; The National Forumeer, August 1996, regarding AGIF Bids farewell to its founder; "Group Taking up Cause of 11 Hispanics told to Leave Wal-Mart," San Antonio Express, August 2, 1996.

18.2 "AGIF of the US" bumper stickers; Texas AGIF correspondence' AGIF of the US humanitarian operation "Las Colonias;" Cultural Lunch program, September - October, 1995; Railroad Commission of Texas Office of General Counsel document, April 8, 1997: AGIF request for denial of OxyChem's barge permit renewal.

18.3 AGIF letter to Gonzales Barrientos from Gilberto Jasso; "Richards, Guard Must Reflect Population" and "Favoritism in the Guard," Corpus Christi Caller-Times, August, 1993; Letter to NGB-AP from Texas AGIF, 1993; AGIF newspaper clippings, correspondence and documents, 1991-1993; Johnny Canales show documents, 1990s.

18.4 1980 Civil Rights Report, "Hispanics - The New "Force"; Examination Highlights - In the interest of Faviola Areli Garcia, June 3rd 1995; Texas AGIF Forum letter to Mr. Robert C. Flowers, Executive director, October 31, 1995; AGIF petitions to clean the Amarillo TX court house of racial misconduct; Texas Constitution Violations; Cossmho Reporter, 1995; "Occidental to pay $65 million for Robstown disaster; State commission on Judicial Conduct - November 6, 1995, EPA 1994 Annual Report - Focusing on Environmental Protection for all people; EPA environmental justice strategy, April 3, 1995; Letter from department of health and human services, June 7, 1995 to Gilberto Jasso; OxyChem letter to C. F. Spierkman. February 10, 1995.

18.5 Refinery accident, Corpus Christi Caller-Times, 1993; Public Health Statement, February 21, 1995.

18.6 Racism in Texas courts Corpus Christi Caller-Times articles, August-September 1995.

18.7 Texas guard Corpus Christi Caller-Times articles January-February 1993; Memorandum from Donald R. Fairley, 1992; Albert Huerta to Ann Richards letter, 1993; Lt. Col Rodriguez to Lt. Col. J. Calandro letter, 1993; Texas National Guard documents and newspaper clippings, 1993.

18.8 Televisa/Foravisa, newspaper clippings, correspondence, petitions, documents, 1992-93.

Box 19

19.1 Release of the chemical "benzene" on students and general pollution documents.

19.2 City of Robstown Official Complaint to the Honorable Carl Lewis, Nueces County (OxyChem's release of Benzne).

19.3 Closing Haggar plant in Robstown, OxyChem; "Thai Workers Set Free of Sweatshop in California," New York Times, August 4. 1995.

19.4 Closing Haggar plant in Robstown; OxyChem documents.

19.5 OxyChem & Benzene release "Industrial District Agreement" documents.

19.6 "Families Sue Oil, Chemical Companies: Oak Park Residents say Businesses are to Blame for Health Problems;" Texas National Guard, Texas Code of Judicial Conduct documents and newspaper clippings.

Box 20

20.1 "Dr. Hemmen" and "Dr. Carl Dukes," two VHS tapes.

20.2 OxyChem and other toxic pollution material; Dr. Garcia Statue, Corpus Christi Caller-Times clipping hiding toxic leakage lawsuit in Amarillo, Texas; Richard Gonzales "A Legislative Overview of Migratory Birds & Migrant Farm workers" and "Migrants Helping Migrants: Use of GIS in Tracking Methodology of Migratory Birds & Migrant Farm workers;" "Removal of Two Cadets Appealed." - ROTC Moody High School newspaper clippings and documents.

20.3 OxyChem, Corpus Christi Caller-Times clippings, 1992 - 1993.

Box 21

21.1 AGIF report: "Operation: In search of U.S. Military Justice," ca. 1992.

21.2 "Miradores Del Mar: A Quincentenary SAGA Project," by Clotilde P. Garcia, M.D., 1992, Corpus Christi Texas.

21.3 AGIF, "In search of Justice for our Member Johnny Canales," ca. 1992 and "Operation in Search of Environmental Justice," OxyChem documents.

21.4 "Miradores Proposal," AGIF and SAGA report, "Humanitarian Operation: Colonia Tierra Grande," ca. 1997.

21.5 Reliable Ambulance Service, correspondence, 1992, "Humanitarian Operation: Colonia Tierra Grande," ca. 1997; Department of California, "Mexico Report: Mission Accomplished in Defense of Human Rights," Feb 7, 1970; Petition to investigate Texas Attorney General's office for fraud, 1992; SAGA, May 16, 1990, and AGIF documents.

Box 22

22.1 Corpus Christi Caller-Times issues, December 1996 - Oct. 7, 1997, on state and local issues.

Box 23

23.1 AGIF documents and photographs, California, 1978-1984; Abuse of migrants in U.S. documents and articles from Corpus Christi and San Antonio, 1996.

23.2 AGIF California newspaper clippings, correspondence and photographs, 1970-90; Corpus Christi Caller-Times, December 29, 1988.

23.3 William J. Tinning letter relating to OxyChem; Material Safety data sheet 1991; Letter from Texas AGIF to Univision Television Network, June 16, 1992; Johnny Canales awards, documents, articles, correspondence, 1990s; HPG article unveiling of statue, 1990; SAGA Program, 1990.

23.4 Correspondence 1990s; Articles, 1993; Fax memo, 1993; Copy of certificate, 1970; Campus master-plan, Corpus Christi State University, 1993; Invitation card, 1993; Newspaper articles, 1990s; Photo of HPG and his family; Christopher Columbus Statue Progress Report, Corpus Christi; Photograph; Pamphlet; Copy of a check; 93; Forumeer, 1993.

Box 24

24.1 Hispanic civil rights documents, correspondence and photographs of Gilberto Jasso and three unidentified Women's Auxillary members 1981-1994; AGIF sticker: Gilberto Jasso employment recommendation letter, December 29, 1987; Refineries newspaper clippings, 1984-1995; Gilberto Jasso recommending Latino Spectrum columnists, Roberto Rodriguez/Patricia Gonzales, El Paso Texas.

24.2 OxyChem documents and correspondence, 1992. Corpus Christi Caller-Times articles, 1992-93.

24.3 Assorted Corpus Christi Caller-Times clippings, 1992.

24.4 OxyChem and related cases, documents, articles, negatives of refinery, 1992-93 and newspaper clippings; University of Texas sticker; Petition to President Bill Clinton and Vice President Gore on behalf of the people of Robstown.

24.5 "Occidental Chemical Incident" October 23 and 24, 1992, list of exposed victims; Correspondence for "trade-off" with Crosstown Ford (Johnny Canales gets an auto and Ford gets endorsement, ca. 1993.)

24.6 OxyChem documents, correspondence, and Corpus Christi Caller-Times clippings, November 1992; Texas National Guard Associated Press clippings, February 1993.

24.7 OxyChem documents, Benzene Report February 1992; Assorted newspaper clippings, 1992; gubernatorial election results by county Nov. 1990.

24.8 OxyChem lawsuit filings and documents, 1992-1993.

24.9 Texas National Guard discrimination correspondence to the Hon. Gonzalo Barrientos reference to discrimination, 1993; Clippings regarding Texas National Guard, Corpus Christi Caller Times, October 1991-June 1994; Encounters, Winter 1989; Forumeer, Winter 1992; Reliable Ambulance Service vs. Texas Department of Health, December 1992.

24.10 Dr. Hector P. Garcia statue at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi newspaper clippings, donor's expenses and correspondence, 1993-94.

24.11 ATSDR Correspondence environmental health concerns in Robstown, TX; NAFTA Corpus Christi Caller-Times clippings cost in U.S. Jobs; Facsimile to Ruben Sandoval; AGIF formal petition to Robert C. Flowers; Correspondence from TX State Commission on Judicial Conduct; Copies of Sampson and Tindall's Texas Family Code Annotated; Copies of "Poll: Racism is a Growing Concern," 1995.

24.12 OxyChem documents and correspondence 1992 and Corpus Christi Caller-Times clippings, June 1995.

24.13 Gateway Green Alliance correspondence to Neil Caramn announcing the publication of Dioxin: The Orange Resource Book, April 25, 1995; OxyChem Corpus Christi Caller- Times articles, April 1995-June 1995.

24.14 OxyChem document and correspondence 1992; Cossmho Reporter, January-June 1995; Racism and misconduct correspondence to Robert Flowers by Texas Judge Samuel C. Kiser, October 1995 (4 copies); Cardboard pin-ups depicting Mexican American military heroes.

24.15 Forumeer, Winter 1992 (4 copies); Texas National Guard and AGIF Corpus Christi Caller-Times clippings, November 1991-February 1992.

Box 25

25.1 Four framed photographs: Gilberto Jasso and Mexican President Jose Lopez Portillo, Jasso and AGIF members, Mexican President Portillo and GI Forum women, and Presentation of Plaque to Mexican President Portillo.

Box 26

26.1 AGIF of Colorado program, 1984; Newspaper article, 1988; Life insurance policy: Gilberto Jasso AGIF membership card and anti-Mexican card; AGIF of the U.S. - proposed amendments and correspondence, 1980s; Printing order; San Jose, California, one day liquor permit form; San Jose, California workforce table, 1983; AGIF Newsletter, 1984; San Jose East Valley AM GIF Agenda, 1980s; Unofficial minutes of the San Jose East Valley meeting, 1984; Non veterans qualifications; Hand-written notes.

26.2 Correspondence; Corpus Christi Caller-Times and San Jose Mercury News clippings; 1988 itinerary index cards; Military discharge papers: Resolution; Oral presentation (speech) notes; Name card; Assorted documents, ca. 1960-1980s.

26.3 AGIF East Valley Chapter name list; correspondence, 1980s; Article; Gilbert Jasso's personal qualifications statement form; Certificate.

26.4 Forumeer San Jose, California article, 1969; Department of Justice report, 1979; Address San Jose Mercury News list and invitation card, 1980; Correspondence, 1978-1981; California AGIF 20th Annual Convention newspaper clipping, 1986.

26.5 Business card file; Hispanic organizations guide and Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Inc. booklets; El Excentrico, 1980; Mexican Report - Mission Accomplished in Defense of Human Rights, 1980; Correspondence, 1970-1980; Forumeer article; Gilberto Jasso and Hector P Garcia photograph; Poster.

26.6 San Jose Mercury News clipping, 1980s; Map; hand-written notes; Assorted photographs, correspondence, mailgram, newsletter; Department of Justice report, 1979; Gilberto Jasso's résumé.

26.7 Correspondence, newspaper article, 1970; 1980s address list; East Valley G.I. Forum San Jose, California - 1981 Convention Report; Presentation notes; Mexican Report - Mission Accomplished in Defense of Human Rights, 1980.

26.8 "Border state, colonias background and options for Federal assistance, notes; Newspaper clippings, 1980s.

Box 27

27.1 Map; Newspaper clippings, 1988; Correspondence, 1983; Congressional Research Service Report, 1987; Medal of Freedom citation.

27.2 Correspondence, telegram, mailgram; Assorted newspaper clippings, 1979-1980s.

27.3 Pamphlet; Correspondence, photographs; mailgram, 1983.

27.4 Correspondence, Southwest Voter Registration Education Project, 1983.

27.5 Correspondence, 1982.

27.6 The Demands of the First California Hispanic Civil Rights Conference, telegram, and mailgram, 1979.

27.7 Program, newspaper, correspondence, news clippings; The Demands of the First California Hispanic Civil Rights Conference, telegram, mailgram,1979.

27.8 Notes, photographs, newspaper articles, affidavit, map, and correspondence, 1983-1988.

27.9 Newsletter, SER jobs for progress, Inc., 1988; Photographs, map, and article; Humanitarian Operation "Las Colonias".

27.10 AGIF of the U.S.; Forumeer, newsletter, photographs, articles, ca. 1988.

27.11 Copies of colonia images, newspaper article, Humanitarian Operation "Las Colonias;" Map, correspondence, notes, 1988.

Box 28

Assorted AGIF buttons, pins, and plaques.

28.1 Correspondence, 1973; Gilberto Jasso seeking council seat 4, pamphlet (San Jose, Ca.); Symposium Planning program; List of names; Newspaper articles, 1972.

28.2 Articles, correspondence, notes; maps; Newspaper article and copies of colonia images, summary report, 1979-1980s.

Framed Certificate of Appreciation 1980; Plaque for community service 1993; Video labeled "Dr. Hector P. Garcia, Las Colonias."

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