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Rachel Bluntzer Hebert Papers

Rachel Bluntzer Hebert (1906-1998) was a teacher, author, and historian, who chronicled the development and folklore of San Patricio County, Texas, and its surrounding region. Born in the Round Lake area of Old San Patricio, she grew up in Corpus Christi and on a farm near Robstown. She taught Spanish at Miller High School and Moody High School in Corpus Christi.

Mrs. Hebert wrote such volumes as The Forgotten Colony: San Patricio de Hiberina, for which she won the Summerfield G. Roberts Award for Texas History; Impressions: A South Texas Upbringing, about her childhood during the first part of the twentieth century; and Shadows on the Nueces, about the legendary trial and hanging in 1863 of Chipita Rodriguez. She was particularly interested in the Irish settlers in the Coastal Bend region and participated in such endeavors as restoring the old courthouse of San Patricio County. A popular member of St Patrick's Catholic Church, she was also active in the Nueces County Historical Society, the Catholic Historical Society, the Poetry Society of Texas, and the Daughters of the Republic of Texas.

The Rachel Bluntzer Hebert Papers consist of two standard document boxes and contain her research notes, information on her writing, correspondence, clippings and other publications on San Patricio and Irish settlers, family lineage documentation, and similar materials relative to local Texas history.

The papers were donated by Mrs. Hebert in 1991, through the assistance of Mrs. Frances T. (Sissy) Farenthold, one of Mrs. Hebert's nieces. Mrs. Geraldine McGloin, a niece of Mrs. Hebert, subsequently donated publications which were added to her aunt's collection.

The Hebert Papers were initially organized, foldered, and labeled by Norman Zimmerman; the inventory was later compiled by volunteer Margo Traeumer. The link was created by Thomas Kreneck and Grace Charles in 2010.

Finding Guide to the Rachel Bluntzer Hebert Papers

1.1 Correspondence and Information from U.S. Copyright Office Regarding Rachel Bluntzer Hebert's Writings, 1984-1986

1.2 J. Chrys Dougherty - R. B. Hebert Letters, Correspondence Concerning Historical Research

1.3 Cover Letter and Manuscript from H. M. Anderson and Same from J. M. McCaffrey for Summerfield G. Roberts Award; Annual Meeting Schedule for the Sons of the Republic of Texas, 1982

1.4 Letter from Texas College of Arts & Industries to Rachel Bluntzer Hebert, November, 11, 1941; Copies of Undated Letter from Rachel Bluntzer Hebert to Parents about Spanish Lessons for Children

1.5 Corpus Christi Caller, Sun., July 4, 1976: Bicentennial Salute Sections for Kleberg, San Patricio, Jim Wells, Nueces, and Aransas Counties

1.6 Kentucky Heritage Council Report on St. Mary's College, Marion County, Oct. 21, 1985

1.7 Texas and Local History, Catalogue Sixty-Two, Rare Books and Documents, The Jenkins Company; Catalogue of Official Texas Historical Markers, Texas Historical Commission, 1973.

1.8 A New Approach To the Teaching of Texas History In Our Schools and Colleges, An Address Delivered by Hobart Huson on Saturday, May 8, 1971, and Handwritten Notes

1.9 Copy of Declaration by George Schamp to Obtain Benefit of Act of Congress June 7, 1832 for Schamp's Service in the American Revolution; List of Names of Naturalization Papers in District Court

1.10 Texas History: Texas Gulf Coast Catholic, Eyes of Texas on the Irish, July 7, 1978; National Dispatch, October 1984 Edition

1.11 Texas History: Notes, Legislation and Article Regarding Chiltipin Ranch House and Texas History

1.12 County Clerk Records for Deed Vol. 15, 28-35; Vol. 19, 597-605; Vol. 19, 605-607 Ordered by Rachel Bluntzer Hebert in 1980

1.13 Nueces County History: Article Regarding the Bluntzer Sword; History of Nueces County Notes and Articles; Notes on Bluntzer and Gallagher Families

1.14 San Patricio County History: Notes and Information on General History. San Patricio County History; Notes on Street Signs Donated to Preserve History of San Patricio County.

1.15 San Patricio County History: Information Placed on Signs Regarding Original McMullen-McGloin Colony

1.16 Early History of San Patricio County, Compiled by Martin and Martin, Sinton, Texas, October, 1934; A Guide to San Patricio, The Old Colony Town by Rachel Bluntzer Hebert, 1992 (The former pamphlet is scanned below for research access.)

1.17 Genealogy - San Patricio County: McMullen, McGloin, O'Toole, Gaffney, Killelea, O'Calahan, McKeown, Corrigan, O'Docharty, Magowan, and McFall Families

1.18 Letters From Anne McKeown to R. B. Hebert Dated March 29, 1973 and June 1, 1973; Description of McKeown House Genealogy - Bee County Families, Sullivan Papers, Schamp, O'Reilly, Corrigan, Leahy Families

1.19 Families of Bee County; Sullivan Papers from Nueces, San Patricio, and Live Oak Counties

1.20 Clippings, Notes, and Other Information about Chipita Rodriguez Trial and Hanging, 1863

1.21 Silence Speaks for Love, The Story of Chipita Rodriguez by Rachel Bluntzer Hebert

2.1 Catholic Church- Corpus Christi: History of the Corpus Christi Diocese, including Copies of The Parish Post (June 21,1959), Notes, Articles and Pamphlets regarding San Patricio

2.2 Catholic Church - San Patricio: 1904 News Article about the San Patricio mission

2.3 Catholic Church - San Patricio. Copies of Texas Gulf Coast Catholic, 1976, and Archival Records and Information on Catholic Church, Rev. Claude Jaillet and San Patricio priests

2.4 Catholic Church - San Patricio - Sister Mary Stanislaus Broderick: Includes Article, Letter and Information about Sister Mary Stanislaus Broderick, Ca. 1884

2.5 Catholic Church - San Patricio - Sister Mary Stanislaus Broderick: Photographs of Her from 1882 and 1934.

2.6 "Our Irish Heritage" by John B. Flannery: Address at San Patricio 150th Anniversary Celebration, October 21, 1979

2.7 Irish History - Doherty and McMahon Families: Copies of Records about James Doherty and Wife, Catherine (McMahon) Doherty in Ireland

2.8 Irish History - Doherty and McMahon Families: Copies of Records from Ireland Regarding History of Doherty and McMahon families

2.9 Fox Nation: St. Joseph Church, Gussetville, Texas, Issues 1-4, 1980 and 1981. Genealogical and Historical Information about Members

2.10 Fox Nation: St. Joseph Church, Gussetville, Texas, Issues 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 1981 and 1982; Genealogical and Historical Information About Members

2.11 Live Oak County, Texas, Marriage Records, 1856-1876

2.12 Genealogy - Live Oak County. Includes Bluntzer, Fox, McGoin, McMullen Families, Covering Years 1849-1977

2.13 Live Oak County Families and Two Cemeteries: Research Notes and Related Documents Assembled by Margaret Goynes Olsen

2.14 "Los Pastores, Spanish American Play of the Nativity Preserved in the Vicinity of Corpus Christi, Texas 1940," by Mai Frances Hunter (Master's Thesis, Texas College of Arts & Industries, August, 1940)

2.15 A Messenger from The Alamo. Juan Seguin, the Scout of the Century, 1836-1936, by Walter Foster (Pamphlet, Corpus Christi, 1936)

Front Cover (First Court House Built in Sinton, 1894)
Early History of San Patricio County Pamphlet
Old San Patricio A Religious Center

Old San Patricio Founded By Irish, page 1

Old San Patricio Founded By Irish, page 2

Old San Patricio Founded By Irish, page 3

Founding of San Patricio County, page 1

Founding of San Patricio County, page 2

Historical Town of Old San Patricio

Old County Seat Town Almost Abandoned, page 1

Old County Seat Town Almost Abandoned, page 2

Back Cover (Scenes From Old San Patricio)

San Patricio County Court House, 1928, inside back cover

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