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Information Literacy Services

The instructional mission of the Mary and Jeff Bell Library is to create, promote and evaluate programs and services for the University community to help them:

  • Identify and articulate information needs.
  • Identify and select appropriate information sources.
  • Develop and execute search strategies.
  • Locate and retrieve information in a variety of formats from the global information environment.
  • Analyze and critically evaluate information.
  • Organize and synthesize information.
  • Use/apply information.
  • Understand public policy and the ethical issues relating to the access and use of information.

Students must be able to navigate the Bell Library and our print and electronic information resources. They should also be able to evaluate, analyze, and synthesize information to make conclusions and effectively communicate their findings. Instruction in this area takes many different forms:

  • Library tours are available on request.
  • Course-related instruction is taught in all disciplines on request.
  • One-on-one instruction sessions occur at service points.
  • Consultations with librarians are available through appointment for in-depth research assistance or curriculum development.
  • Instructional materials, such as brochures, resource guides, webliographies, electronic database guides, and general handouts are updated and made available in print and/or online.

If you would like to schedule a class for instruction in the use of Bell Library and its resources, please contact Lisa Louis in the Information Literacy Department at (361) 825-5905 or at

No less than one week's notice (preferably two) is required in order for the instructing librarian to adequately prepare. Classes are usually held in the Library Instruction Centers, Rooms 109 and 216A, Bell Library. However, we will be more than happy to visit your class. We anticipate that faculty will be present during these instruction sessions. Thank you for your assistance in this important effort.

To support the University's outreach services, the Library also provides workshops for community groups (ex. school classes) during the semester, as well as during the interim periods when staffing is available. A minimum of two weeks prior notice is required. In addition to the teacher or group leader, the library also requires that these groups provide one adult for every 10 students or participants.

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