Mary and Jeff Bell Library

Bell Library - Library Instruction Centers (LIC)

There are two Library Instruction Centers located within the library. The Library Instruction Centers are primarily used for library research (bibliographic) instruction. Located downstairs in Room 109, LIC1 can accomodate up to 27 students per instruction class. LIC2 is located on the second floor in Room 216A and it can hold up to 51 students per instruction session. When no classes have been scheduled the rooms are available for general open-lab use by all university students. Faculty may request to schedule library instruction sessions, held in either of these two rooms, by contacting Lisa Louis at (361) 825-5905. The Library Instruction Center's open-lab will be closed to students 15 minutes prior to a scheduled bibliographic instruction session. A detailed weekly schedule of instructional research classes is posted at the main entrance for each room.

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