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Electronic Reserves for Students

What are electronic reserves? Electronic reserves are items, such as papers, articles, powerpoint slides, etc, that are made available electronically through the library’s online catalog by a professor for their course.

What do I need to use electronic reserves? All you need is a working computer, an Internet connection, and a web browser like Netscape or Internet Explorer. Please note that you cannot use the AOL-provided browser to access electronic reserves. If you do not have Netscape or Internet Explorer, you can download them free from the following web sites:
Internet Explorer:

How do I get to the professor’s electronic reserves?
  1. Go to the library’s homepage:
  2. Click on &quotFind Books & More"
  3. Click on "Course Reserves"
  4. Click on either "Course #" or "Instructor".
  5. If you selected "Course #", enter the course name and number (example: BIOL 1401). If you selected "Instructor" enter your instructor’s last name. (example: Rhoades)
  6. Click on the article set link.
  7. Click on the article you need, identified by title.
  8. Enter either your first or last name, A-number, and password provided by your instructor in the specified fields. To find out how your name appears in our system, go to
Do I need to pay to view the files? No.
Common Problems and Solutions for Electronic Reserves

Problem: I’m getting a blank print out.
Solution: Use the printer icon on the Adobe toolbar located near the top of the Internet browser.

Problem: My print out is backwards.
Solution: Click on the printer icon on the Adobe toolbar. Make sure the "Print as image" box is selected. It is located in the top right hand corner.

Problem: When I click on a file, it says I need a program or something to view electronic reserves?
Solution: You need to download Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. Here is a link:

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