Mary and Jeff Bell Library

1. Where is the main collection, juvenile section, curriculum section?

The main collection, juvenile section, and curriculum section are located on the second floor of the library.

2. Can you tell me if you have this book in your library?

Yes, we can check Portal, <> our online catalog. Patrons may also check Portal from home.

3. Do you have this reserve item available here?

We can check for you if a reserve item is available or you can check Portal, under Online Catalog and choose "Course Reserves: Search by Course Name" or "Search by Instructor". There is a computer near the Circulation Desk for patrons to look up call numbers of reserve items to request at the Circulation Desk. We also offer electronic reserves if the instructor has chosen to make material available electronically.

4. Can you see if my record is clear of overdue books?

We can check your record at the Circulation Desk to determine if your record is clear of any overdue books. You may also call the Circulation Desk at 825-2340 to check your record or you may check "View your own record" from Portal, the online catalog. Type in your name and Social Security Number with hyphens. If you have items overdue, or outstanding charges, a link will appear that notes the fines or charges accrued so far. You may click on the link to view more specific information regarding the charges.

5. Can I get some change for the copy machines?

We do not give change but for your convenience there is a change machine located behind the public reference terminals within the library. The change machine will change $1, $5, and $10 bills into quarters. Some copy machines also take SandDollar cards.

6. The copier malfunctioned. Can you give me a refund?

Circulation staff will refund your money due to copier mechanical errors.

7. Do you have a computer from which I can print out my disk information?

The Library Media Center (Room 217) and Library Instruction Center (Room 109) can help you. See maps: first floor and second floor. Computers near the Reference Desk are for research only and do not have software for desktop applications. Other computer labs at the University are located in CCH and CI buildings.

8. When is the library open?

The hours are listed on our web page. They are also listed on bookmarks available at the Circulation Desk and a calendar at the entrance to the library.

9. Can I check out books if I'm not a student here?

Community user cards are available for $20 per year fee. Also, students from participating Tex-Share Universities and Public Libraries may get a Tex-Share card at their home university or library. TexShare patrons may check out books by showing the TexShare card and a photo ID card. Texas A&M Kingsville and Del Mar Community College students may check out books by using their current TAMU-K or Del Mar ID. Driscoll Children's Hospital Staff members may check out items using their Driscoll employee ID card.

10. Can you put a book on hold for me?

Yes. Please call 825-2340, or come to the Circulation Desk to put a hold on an item. We will contact you by phone or e-mail when the item is returned to the library.

11. Do you have any school catalogs?

Copies of TAMU-CC catalogs are located in the Reference Department. Electronic copies are available at SAIL, choose "Course Catalog".

12. Where can I pickup and drop off my Interlibrary Loan materials?

Patrons may pick up and return ILL materials at the Circulation Desk.

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